May I have this dance Mrs. Claus?

As the residents of Christmas Town were going about their business, Christmas music was being played in the streets of the North Pole. Santa and Mrs. Claus were out taking their daily walk arm-in-arm. It was a nice, clear day over the North Pole, and they were heading to the greenhouse to see the poinsettias and the Christmas cacti, as this was the time of the year when their flowers were starting to bloom. As our festive couple approached the front door to the greenhouse, Santa grabbed the door handle, pulled the front door open for Mrs. Claus and held it open as she entered the greenhouse. Holly Jolly was just coming out of her office as she was waiting for the Clauses to come and see all her hard work that was done to get this year’s plants ready to be shipped out around the world. Mrs. Claus was impressed with this year’s plants, which meant that some of these plants would be heading for the castle. Both Mrs. Claus and Santa thanked Holly Jolly for the tour. Santa and Mrs. Claus then headed for the front door and Santa held it open once again for Mrs. Claus.

As they were heading down the steps, Jingles was driving up in a bright red, shiny snowmobile that Santa had asked him to bring to the front of the greenhouse. Jingles stopped the snowmobile right in front of them. Santa then told Mrs. Claus that they had one more stop to make before they headed back to the castle. Santa handed Mrs. Claus a red helmet and a specially-made snowsuit for her to put on; it was a suit that would fit over her dress. Santa put on his helmet and snowsuit as well. The motor was still running as Mrs. Claus sat at the rear of the snowmobile, then Santa climbed behind the handlebars and placed his hand on the throttle and squeezed the throttle forward, and off they went. Mrs. Claus was hanging on and squeezing Santa’s waist as our festive couple headed toward the Christmas tree forest. Santa pressed play on the CD player so both Santa and Mrs. Claus could hear the Christmas music through their helmets.

Santa found a big snow drift and sent the snowmobile flying into the air; they landed upright with a bounce. Mrs. Claus let out a howl as Santa hit another snow drift. As the snowmobile was making its way to the forest, Santa decided that he was going to have some fun with Mrs. Claus at the back of the snowmobile. He drove the snowmobile in sharp S turns and some circles as the snow went flying off the edges of the snowmobile.

Santa then stopped the sled and looked back at Mrs. Claus to see if she was Okay. Her cheeks were bright red and her smile made the snow look a dull. Her eyes sparkled like diamonds. Santa liked this look on Mrs. Claus. It reminded him of the first time they met, a long time ago. Santa started up the snowmobile again, as they were not far from the forest now. The light was slowly fading into the night sky; the stars were appearing as if someone had poked holes into the fabric of the night sky. Santa stopped the snowmobile outside the gates to the Christmas forest. As they both looked to the sky, Santa reached for the light switch on the snowmobile’s dash and flicked it off and on a couple of times. There was a pause for a moment. Santa got off the snowmobile first, and then he put his hand out to help his loving wife off the snowmobile. Santa and Mrs. Claus removed their helmets and placed them on the seat of the snowmobile.

As our festive couple walked toward the main gates arm-in-arm, they slowly, magically opened, and the Christmas music playing from the speakers that were hanging from the light poles that were all over the Christmas tree forest stopped. Then the white lights went out; suddenly, thousands of Christmas lights came on in the forest as far as the eye could see. Santa turned to his beloved wife, looked into her eyes and said, “May I have this dance, Mrs. Claus?” Mrs. Claus looked back into her husband’s eyes, tilted her head to the left with a smile, as if she was a young girl and this was at her very first school dance, and in a shy way she whispered, “Yes,” into Santa’s ear. At that moment, a light snow started to fall on them in nice, big Christmas snowflakes.

Santa held his arms out as Mrs. Claus stepped into his open arms. Santa took his beautiful wife into his arms and closed them around her as their favorite Christmas song started to play. They started to dance to Silent Night. They danced a slow waltz in and around the Christmas trees. As the music was playing, Santa and Mrs. Claus looked down to see some of the elves that worked hard decorating the Christmas trees for Santa were dancing around them as the northern lights were dancing above them. It replayed a night from so many years ago, when they took their vows in another place and in another time among the spruce and some pine trees. It was their first feeling of their own Christmas magic. As they were dancing, they looked toward the castle to see the light of the full moon beaming down on it. Both started to smile and looked at each other as the song was still playing. Santa then dipped Mrs. Claus. Santa brought her back up to her feet without missing a beat to the music. They looked into each others’ eyes as the song ended. They held each other as all the elves started to clap and cheer.

Santa put his right arm out to bring his young bride of the past, present and future closer to him to take her back to the snowmobile.

Santa started the snowmobile, then put his hand on the throttle and slowly moved it forward and headed back to the castle. Mrs. Claus wrapped her arms around Santa and was holding on just a little tighter as the red snowmobile made its way back home.

From Santa’s White Christmas

© Copyright 2017