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Steele Heights Community league Santa’s Craft Extravaganza

  We are excited to announce that Santa’s Craft Extravaganza will be returning again for a fourth year this November 19th, 2016. With free face painting, free cookie decorating, and […]

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Hello From Santa’s White Christmas!

Hello once again, from The North Pole  Boys ,Girls, Moms and Dads. Mrs. Claus and I would like to introduce you to our website, Santa’s White Christmas. The Elves are […]

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Santa's White Christmas
Santa's White ChristmasOctober 28th, 2016 at 4:10am
The Christmas Display

One day in late fall, Mrs. Claus and I were strolling arm and arm in your fair city, when we came upon a mother and her son looking in a department store window at a Christmas display. Mrs. Claus and I stopped for a moment to look as well. As we started back on our adventure, we had to stop walking, when we came to a cross walk light that turned the hand orange.

As we were standing at the corner waiting for the hand to change to a person walking, the mother and her son stopped next to us. The boy wanted to go back to the display in the window to see the train roaring around the Christmas tree. In the corner the Christmas tree had airplanes circling around the top of the tree near the Star with garland trailing off the tail of the planes and Christmas lights blinking and the television was playing a Christmas movie. As well, there was an empty glass and a cookie tray with crumbs sitting on the hearth plus a pair of crimson red pant legs with two shiny black boots with white fur wrapped around the top were in the fireplace with a white glove holding a empty toy sack near the boots.

The boy was standing next to me with his mother and he started throwing a temper tantrum. Mrs Claus and I looked down at him as he was trying to pull away from his mother grip. As he was tugging, he was pointing back at the display. Mrs. Claus tapped my hand and she gave me a wink.

I put my hand into my coat pocket quietly and started to ring my Christmas bells very gently. The little boy stopped his tantrum and looked at us as we were looking up at the sky. Mrs. Claus then says,” Oh it looks like Santa is exercising his reindeer today,” as she was looking at the boy’s mother. The young lady responded, “Oh yes he is out getting his reindeer ready for that long journey around the world.” Well the light had changed and the little boy was still looking up at the sky.

As we all crossed the street, the little boy was still looking at the sky trying to see if he could see and hear the bells again from Santa sleigh. His mother was smiling and lip sync, “thank you” to Mrs. Claus who winked back at the mother. We turned when we got to the corner and the mother and her son kept on walking.

From Santa’s White Christmas

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Santa's White Christmas
Santa's White Christmas shared Steele Heights Community League's photo.October 28th, 2016 at 4:10am
Santa's White Christmas
Santa's White ChristmasOctober 28th, 2016 at 4:10am
A new sled for Mrs. Claus

With the Christmas season now over , the elves were now taking it easy. Aunty Joe was now back home and Mrs. Claus was busy with her computer checking all of the events that Santa and her attended. Santa decided to go down to the sled shop to look at making a new sled for Mrs. Claus. Santa knew she wanted her own sled , so she could go down to the village to do some shopping from time to time.

When he walked in to the sled office, Jim was sitting at his desk and eating a reindeer cup cake . Jim was just about to take a sip of coffee when he noticed Santa was standing at his door . Jim stood up and welcome Santa to his office . Jim asked, “So Santa , what can I do for you?”. Santa was busy looking at the box of reindeer cupcakes .They are a real hit . Mrs Claus only makes them after Christmas as to say thank you for all of your hard work with the Christmas that just past . Santa looked back towards Jim then replied,” Good Jim. I would like to build a new sled for Mrs. Claus so she could go in to the village from time to time for shopping, so I would like it to be strong but light weight and it has to be two Reindeer power and white in color!” Jim put his right hand behind his head and started to scratch ,then turned toward the cupboard that had some blueprints in it. As Jim was looking for that design that Santa wanted , Santa was still looking at the reindeer cupcakes. He decided to help Jim look for the blue prints for Mrs Claus new sled. After a few mins of looking , Jim found them.

As both of them looked , Santa said,” We will need to make a couple of changes here,” then pointed to a couple of spots on the blueprints , to make it the right size for Mrs. Claus.” Jim agreed with Santa. Santa then shook Jim's hand and then asked when would the new sled be ready? Jim replied, “In three or four days Santa.” Santa then started to smile and said “bye Jim “and left the shop.

As Santa was walking back to the castle, he stopped to watch some elves having a snow ball fight. As Santa was about to leave to meet up with Mrs Claus , the elves decided to have some fun. Santa felt something hit the back of his coat and belt all at the same time and Santa thought,oh ok , its on now. Mrs. Claus was coming out of the castle and she witnessed the snowballs hitting Santa .She hit the snow a running , she was not going to miss a good snow ball fight. She got in behind the elves that were throwing snow balls at Santa. Santa started to laugh and he bent down and grabbed some snow and made a perfect snow ball. After a few minutes the snow ball fight ended and yes the Clauses won. As the Clauses were helping the elves up and making sure they were fine ,they decided they would go for a walk and see how everyone was and how their Christmas went.

Jingles came running up to Santa and Mrs Claus. He had a message for Santa . Jingles then stopped right in front of Santa and asked him to bend down as he had a message from Jim. So Santa bent down on one knee to hear the message , Mrs Claus also bend down to hear the message ,but it was a very short . Santa then stood back up and looked at his wife and said” Well my dear , I have to go and see Jim for a few minutes, it should not take long.” Santa whispered in her ear a special message .She looked at him and replied,” I will see you later Santa . “

Santa could hear the elves working hard on Mrs. Claus sled . They already had the panels cut out and were about to put it together. Santa was impressed on how fast Jim and his elves worked. Santa was about to ask Jim where are the runner’s for the sled when Jim pointed to the shop across the street. Santa looked through the window and he could see some short blue flashes of light. Santa knew that the elves in the welding shop were finishing up the runners . Santa looked at Jim and said "what do you need? "Jim replied to Santa, “The sled will be ready tonight and we can have it in the reindeer barn after 5 pm . “Santa replied, ” that’s great news!” Santa had a smile on his face .He wanted to give Mrs Claus a new sled for awhile. Well Santa said good bye to Jim and wil see you in the reindeer barn at 5 pm with Mrs. Claus. Santa headed back to the castle . He felt like a young man that had just bought a horse and buggy for his wife at the local black smith shop.

Jingles tugged on Santa coat then said, “We have to head for the toy shop now Santa, to say thank-you and have some hot chocolate and that new desert that Mrs. Claus made for everyone , Snowman cup cakes , then we can head to the new appointment you just made for Mrs. Claus new ride.” Santa just nodded and said good bye to Jim and I will see you later, as they both headed for the Toy Factory .All of the elves were heading the same direction as Santa.

As Santa was about to climb the stairs to the toy shop ,he heard his name being call from his loving wife Mrs Claus, so Santa waited for her .He put out his arm and helped her up the stairs and at the top of the stairs Santa held the door open for her .The clock in the town square chimed , it was now 3 pm in the afternoon . Santa looked back at it and started to smile. As the Clauses both walked into the large Toy Factory, there was a thundering sound of Ovation of clapping & cheers coming from the elves and at that moment the overhead doors opened just high enough for Mrs. Claus bakers and the Hot Chocolate makers to come into the toy factory so Mrs Claus could pass out the cupcakes and Santa could pour the hot chocolate , saying thank you for the help they gave through out the year . As the event was coming to the end, Jingles came and tugged on Santa coat again to let him know that everything was ready .This little piece of news put a smile on Santa’s face.

As the last cupcake and cup of hot chocolate was being handed out the clock in the town square rang 5 times . Santa went over to Mrs. Claus to let her know that we have another event to attend . Mrs Claus looked at Santa as to say, what another event do we have to attend? Santa then put out his right arm and Mrs. Claus put in her left arm and off to their next event . Mrs Claus asked Santa,” What is our next event?” Santa replied,” We have to go to the reindeer barn for a few minutes because there is a new reindeer about to be born”. Mrs Claus like to see a new birth now and then.As they approached the front of the barn, a reporter from the Aunty Joe's Christmas newspaper was there to take pictures of the new arrival and get a story as well for the next edition. As the Clauses entered the barn, Mrs Claus looked to see a bright white sled sitting in the white room .She was speechless and looked over at Santa and Jim who was standing next to Santa.

Santa then said,” Here is your very own sled my dear , I hope you enjoy flying her .She is a 2 reindeer power sled . Mrs Claus was still speechless . The tears started to come down her cheeks and she was happy. Two of Santa’s elves brought Dancer and Prancer out and hooked them to the brand new sled .After the two were hooked to the sled , Santa helped Mrs Claus in and handed her the reins .Santa was about to hook up his seat belt when Mrs Claus yelled ,"On Dancer, On Prancer "and she snapped the reins , and in a moments notice ,the two reindeer's were off and gaining speed .

Santa head snapped back and his body got pushed into the seat of the sled .Mrs Claus snapped the reins once again to make the reindeer go faster. Santa was hanging onto his hat and the front of the sled with one hand. Mrs Claus was trying to level off , but the sled was going up and down. Mrs. Claus was having fun learning how to fly her new sled .Santa yelled ,"pull up ,your heading for the castle ." Mrs Claus pulled back on the reins and up the sled went , but she pulled back just a little to far and to the left , her and the reindeer and Santa were doing a barrel roll. There was a loud scratching noise coming from the bottom of the sled as the runner’s were scraping on the side of the castle. Mrs Claus pulled the reins to the right and as she was coming out of the roll , Santa said ,"we need to go back Mrs Claus ,we need to get you some none flying reindeer for now ."So Mrs. Claus headed back to the barn with her new sled , but she wanted to make a full circle around Santa Village .After she made the fly by , she headed for the barn and made a nice soft landing , and the reindeer walked into the barn. Santa did not look well , as the elves help him out of the sled .Mrs. Claus was ready to go for another ride ,but it was getting dark .She would have to wait till tomorrow. She walked over and helped the elves with Santa to bring him back to the castle .Mrs. Claus said ,"thank you Santa for my own sled," and gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

From Santa’s White Christmas

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Santa's White Christmas
Santa's White ChristmasOctober 28th, 2016 at 4:10am
A lump of coal from Santa

As I was sitting in my chair,a gentleman came up to me. I looked up at him and said,"have a seat next to me." He asked if he could get his first Santa picture on my knee.

I said," Sure my boy,have a seat",so he did.As his wife was about to take the picture, she stopped and reached into her purse and pulled out a zip lock plastic bag. There was an item inside of the bag that was wrapped in a white paper towel.

We both looked at her and the gentleman said, “You had to bring it didn't you?.” She had a smile on her face and his wife then replied, “Yes and you are going to get off that list once and for all !”

So Dexter,my Elf, brought the bag to us and gave it to the gentleman. He opened it up and pulled out the wrapped item, and removed the item from the paper to show me it was a lump of coal.

I started to laugh and said, "HO. HO .HO." I reach over to the table that was next to my chair and on it was my snow globe.

I handed the gentleman my snow globe to hold, so I could see why he got that lump of coal.

I looked at the gentleman and said, "well my boy, I can see why you got that lump of coal."

I just shook my head.

"That year I got a lot of letters from your Mom, your Sister, Teacher, and four girls from your school.

Your mom wrote me saying that You were not helping around the house , you did not brush your teeth, you did not want to do your school work and you did not want to get up for school.

Your sister told me that you were mean to the animals, and you kept fighting with her."

I paused and looked up at him and shook my head once again.

"Your teacher told me in a very nice letter , I must say , that you were always late for class and you did not do your home work.

The four girls from your science class wrote to me saying that you dipped their pony tails in the ink well that was on the corner of your desk and you destroyed their shirts and sweaters.

Oh see I see you married of one the girls who wrote me about that!"

Well his wife said,"you give it to him, and don't let him off of the hook that easy Santa! "

"But I also see in the snow globe you have been a very good boy ,so maybe if you continue being a good boy , you just might get a gift from me and I just might take that lump of coal back to the north pole. " His wife took the picture of him holding the lump of coal and I was holding a wrapped Christmas present.

As they were leaving my Den , I heard the gentleman say ,"how did he know about my sister?"

I then wished them both a Merry Christmas.

From Santa’s White Christmas

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Santa's White Christmas
Santa's White ChristmasOctober 28th, 2016 at 4:10am
Festival of trees Santa’s Breakfast
Hello One and all Mrs Claus and I will be at the Festival of trees Santa’s Breakfast so come on down we look forward in seeing you there.

Sunday, November 29
8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.
Presented by the Rexall Foundation

Tickets to Santa’s Breakfast are $20 for adults, $10 for children 2-12 and complimentary for children under 2. They include complimentary admission to the Festival.

From Santa White Christmas

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