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Hello From Santa’s White Christmas!

Hello once again, from The North Pole  Boys ,Girls, Moms and Dads. Mrs. Claus and I would like to introduce you to our website, Santa’s White Christmas. The Elves are […]

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Santa's White Christmas
Santa's White Christmas4 days ago
Here is a new story just release
A Birthday gift for Santa.
Santa's White Christmas
Santa's White Christmas3 weeks ago
The Christmas Clock
It was the last day of school and I was watching the clock from my desk. I could smell homemade dinner buns, bread, cakes, pies, cookies and squares, coming from our kitchen in my mind.

I could see my Dad and my little brother would be bringing in the Christmas tree. The clock on the wall was moving slower and slower as the seconds were being dragged by father Time. The teacher asked her class what everyone was doing for Christmas. I looked up at the clock 10 minutes to go before it was time to go home, my teacher started with the students nearest the door and I was sitting at the back of the class next to the Windows.

Five minutes to the Bell and we were only halfway through listening to my classmates tell what they were going to be doing over the Christmas holidays. I was listening and still watching the clock. The teacher then stops the class and said,” I am going to be doing a Christmas story telling and I want our last class assignment handed in before you leave, your letters to Santa.”

She then said,” if you have not done it, you will have to stay after class and give it to me,” the clock was now saying three minutes, As I was watching my classmates reach into their desk to pull out a piece of paper and a pencil to quickly write a couple things down on the paper. I reached into my desk and pulled out my letter and stood up and walked to the front of the class room and handed it to my teacher. I turned around to see my fellow classmates were coming up behind me. I looked at the clock one more time as the bell rang out and the students were all now free. My teacher then cried out, “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and everyone be safe and see you all in the New Year.”

As I was leaving the school and walking home, I was thinking about what to get Mom and Dad for Christmas presents. I put the key into the lock and turned it to open the back door of the house. I then said,” hello, I’m home.” There was not a sound in the house. After I took off my coat and boots. I look down to see our family pets, our dog Dillinger and our cat Sandy, sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor. Just looking at me, coming from the boot room.

As I was walking from the kitchen, I could hear talking coming from the living room. It was my little brother and baby sister. I stepped into the living room to see what those two were up to. And yes, they were up to no good. They had a piece of paper on the floor and it was a drawing of the living room. They were putting X’S, where the couch and Christmas tree was, they both looked up at me, then my brother said,” how would you like to catch Santa as he drops presents here.” I looked at both of them then said.” So you to want to wreck Christmas for the family.” I took a closer look at the map of the living room floor. I shook my head and then asked them,” okay, what do you these 2X’S on the map mean? One was under the Christmas tree. My sister said, “that is where I will be hiding and the other X was behind the TV’” I told those two that this will not work and it will wreck Christmas for everyone like Mom our Dad and especially our grandparents, I would not want to be in your shoes.

I then turned and headed up the stairs to my bedroom. When Mom and Dad get home, I will let them know what those two were up to. I then sat down at my desk and started my homework, so once it was done, I can enjoy my holidays. As I finish my homework. I heard Mom calling me for supper, I yelled down to her,” okay, Mom I’m on my way”

I closed my books and headed down the stairs for supper. I entered the kitchen to find just Mom and Dad, I took my regular spot at the table. I asked where the rest of the family was, Mom said,” your brother and sister are having supper at their friends tonight”. As Mom and Dad were talking about their day, they had at work. I enjoyed listening to both of their nightly reports as Mom would call them. After supper Mom cleaned off the table and I started to do the dishes. I helped her as Dad went into the living room to start a fire in the fireplace and sat down to read his nightly newspaper.

After the kitchen was cleaned up and ready for the breakfast meal. I went to join Dad in the living room, only to find him sleeping in his lazy boy chair with his feet up and his paper on his lap and his glasses just hanging off the end of his nose. Mom went over to Dad took off his glasses that were just about to come off the end of his nose. I then turned on the TV to my favorite show that was about to come on. I was lying on the floor as my show was about to start both the family pets came and laid next to me. The dog was a king German Shepherd and his name was Dillinger as for the family cat his name was Sandy. As his fur color was the color of the beach. I looked at Mom I then asked,” what would you and Dad like for Christmas?” She was busy darning some socks, she stopped, and look down at me then said, ”Hmmmmm , I don’t know what I want for Christmas. I have everything a mother could want, a good set of kids, a great husband, and a roof over everyone’s head, and today is Christmas Eve and Santa will be coming.” I just smiled as I looked at Mom and she smiled back at me. Then she started back to work on my brothers socks again.

There was a knock on the back door and Dillinger jumped up and started barking and headed for the back door. This woke Dad up and I was already on my way to let my brother and sister in. I opened the door to find both of them. There, Dillinger stop barking and his tail was now wagging, they both came in with wrapped gifts for the family. I locked the door once again as my brother and sister took off their coats and boots. Well, it was 9 o’clock and I was feeling very tired so I said good night to everyone and went right up to bed. Right behind me was Dillinger. Sandy always went into my sister’s room to sleep for the night. I thought ’oh well “and Santa was coming tonight. As I was about to drift off to sleep I heard Mom and Dad tell my brother and sister it was time to go to bed because Santa was coming tonight, I heard both of them say,” okay, Mom and Dad” and off those two went.

I then went to sleep

The house was dark. Dillinger woke me up with a growling noise and my bedroom door was open. The clock in my bedroom said five minutes to midnight Dillinger and Sandy took off like a shot Dillinger was barking all the way down the stairs, he stopped right at the entrance to the living room still barking and deep growling. Sandy was Hissing and his back was arched they were looking for someone that did not belong in their home at this time of night. I turned the light on in my bedroom and went running. Dad was in front of me only by a few seconds. Dillinger had stop barking, and Sandy stopped Hissing all of a sudden. Dad had turned on the lights in the living room and caught my brother and sister in the corner of the living room, crying, as Dillinger and Sandy must’ve scared both of them. I looked at the clock on the mantle. It said two minutes to Christmas, Dad then pointed toward the stairs then told all three of us to get to bed or there will be no Christmas and he will tell Santa himself. As all three of us went running up the stairs Dillinger and Sandy watched all three of us go up the stairs. Dad shut the lights off and headed back to bed.

Anytime someone turns on the living room lights, a glow can be seen on the ceiling and walls in my room. As the house was settling back down, I left my bedroom door open, I heard the chimes from my mother’s grandfather clock ringing 12 times, then there was a glow of Christmas lights coming from the living room, that filled my bedroom. Both Dillinger and Sandy heads turn to the bedroom door and they both got up and headed back down the stairs.

Dillinger was not barking, this time, it was if he knew who was down in the living room. I left my bedroom and snuck down the stairs. I heard a man’s and lady’s voices, my heart was pounding in my chest I was trying to control my breathing. I heard a man say,” good job my boys and thank you for all of your helping Mrs. Claus and me tonight” Mrs. Claus then said,” and thank you my boys for your letter warning us on what the children were planning for Santa tonight.” Santa reached into his toy sack and pulled out a special present for Sandy and Dillinger. As Santa was giving them their special present Dillinger and Sandy turned their heads towards the steps both Santa and Mrs. Claus Looked as well. With my back against the wall, on the bottom step, I was building my courage up to walk around the corner into the living room see Santa and Mrs. Claus, then all of a sudden, the Christmas lights went out, and the house was dark once again. As I was looking into the darkened room I could smell fresh cut Mistletoe and chocolate chip cookies filled the air. I then turned back towards the steps and headed for my bedroom with Sandy and Dillinger behind me eating their special presents.

My teacher will never believe this is my Christmas story

From Santa’s White Christmas

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Santa's White Christmas
Santa's White Christmas4 weeks ago
Hello Boys and Girls one of Aunty Joe's top reporter just got back with a story from the castle. And posted it in Aunty Joe's Christmas newsroom on our website.
We hope you enjoy reading this new story.
Santa's White Christmas
Santa's White Christmas shared Shaw Conference Centre's post.1 month ago
Santa's White Christmas
Santa's White Christmas2 months ago
A haircut for Santa
One morning while Mrs. Claus and Santa were sitting across from each other Mrs. Claus was watching Santa eat his breakfast. As he put another spoonful of cereal into his mouth some milk and a few crumbs of cereal landed on Santa’s beard, Mrs. Claus just sat back into her chair to make sure she saw the next spoonful made it all the way into his mouth. Well you can guess what happened, some milk hit his mustache and a few crumbs hit his beard again

Well this will not do, as today was the day the family pictures were going to be taken and Santa was going to have to get his beard and mustache trimmed and a haircut as well. Mrs. Claus got up from the table and headed to the living room, where the phone was, she was going to call the barber to make an appointment for Santa.

After she made the appointment and came back into the kitchen to find Santa was gone. Mrs. Claus started to search the castle for Santa, he was nowhere to be found. She then went to the boot room only to find Santa boots and snow suit gone. Mrs. Claus started to move her head from left to right. Well Mrs. Claus thought Santa must be found for his barber appointment, but where to look, so Mrs. Claus got ready to go outside.

She opened the back door to the castle, and as she stepped out, she noticed the bright shiny red snowmobile was missing. Mrs. Claus thought “Oh Great that man can be anywhere now!” Mrs. Claus went back into the castle to get her snow suit, gloves and helmet.

As Mrs. Claus sat down on her snowmobile she started it up and was about to go the motor stopped. She turned the key one more time it turned over but she would not start. She looked at the gas gauge and it showed empty. Well boys and girls, I bet you know what it’s like when something does not go right for your Dad and Mom, they are not happy ? You guessed it Mrs. Claus was not happy. She got off her snowmobile and grabbed the gas nozzle and stretched the hose from the pump only to find it was six inches to short. All you can hear from Mrs. Claus’s mouth was “sugar shack and chocolate chips cookies”

She then went into the garage looking for a Jerry can to put in just enough gas to start the sled and get it closer to the pump then she could fill it. Then she could go after Santa. Well after a few minutes Mrs. Claus could not find any Jerry cans.

Well Mrs. Claus went back into the castle to find the keys for the Snow cat. There was no way Santa was not going to get his hair cut today and she was going to make sure of that. A few minutes later, with a set of keys in hand she hopped into the snow cat fired it up to check the gas gauge and it was full. Mrs. Claus, then pressed the accelerator down, and with the two levers in front of her to help steer, was on her way. As she came around the corner, looking for Santa’s tracks,

She realized this was not going to be easy. She had to turn the windshield wipers on because it was snowing. But, Mrs. Claus was a determined woman, Santa was going to get his hair cut today. Mrs. Claus stopped the snow cat for a moment checking her watch to see what time it was. It was 7 AM, Mrs. Claus then push down on the accelerator pedal. She knew exactly where she was going to go first. As the snow cat was plowing through the snow, her first stop was in sight. It was Jim’s workshop. Jim was the young man that built Mrs. Claus sled for her. Santa liked to visit with Jim at least once a week. As the big snow cat pulled up in front of Jim’s workshop, Mrs. Claus shut down the machine, then headed into Jim’s workshop to see if Santa was there. Jim greeted Mrs. Claus at the door and Mrs. Claus asked Jim,” have you seen Santa today?” Jim replied, “Why yes Mrs. Claus”, Santa was here. We had a cup of coffee and then he said he must be on his way. There were a few places that he had to see before the family pictures for this year’s Christmas cards.” Mrs. Claus thanked Jim and then asked, “If you see Santa, please tell him to head back to the castle. There is a note on the fridge for him.”

Mrs. Claus headed back to the snow cat to continue her journey. As the machine was running, Mrs. Claus looked around to see if she could see tracks from Santas snowmobile. There were lots of tracks on the snow because the resident of Christmas town were out and about doing their daily business, which made this a lot harder to find Santa. Mrs. Claus then pushed down on the accelerator, pulled the lever on the left side to turn left, then pushed the levers forward the snow cat was on its way again. Mrs. Claus decided she would head to the kennel to see if Santa was there. He always like to bring treats for all the malamutes especially Canyon. The kennel was not that far away. As Mrs. Claus pulled up to the kennel, she looked down to see a partial track from a snowmobile. She then thought, “okay, he was here may be Blinky will know where Santa went.” Mrs. Claus then shut the machine down once again, climbed out and headed for the front door of the kennel. It was bath day inside the kennel, and Blinky had Canyon in the bathtub. After his bath, he’d be heading for grooming. Mrs. Claus walked up to the bathtub behind Blinky She then said “hello”. This startled Blinky and Canyon looked up at Mrs. Claus with a set of sad brown eyes. Canyon did not like to have a bath. Blinky then stood up and took off one of her gloves to shake Mrs. Claus hand. Mrs. Claus then asked Blinky” has Santa had been here today?” Blinky replied “yes, Santa has been here. He dropped off a bag of treats.” Mrs. Claus then asked Blinky “do you have any idea where Santa was off to next?” Blinky then said, “Santa did mention he was going out to the Christmas tree forest today, the cookie factory and family pictures for this year Christmas cards. Santa also said something about having to make a few more stops.” Mrs. Claus thanked Blinky for giving her some leads in tracking down Santa. She then asked Blinky, “if you see Santa, please tell him to head back to the castle. There is a note on the fridge for him.” Mrs. Claus then thanked Blinky for all her help and Mrs. Claus hurried back to the snow cat. She had to hurry if she was going to catch up with Santa.

Mrs. Claus got herself comfortable in the snow cat. She turned on the radio to the song, Here comes Santa Claus and the first thing that crossed her mind. was “hippity- hop to the barbershop for Santa.”

She then started the snow cat, pushed the accelerator down. Lunged forward Mrs. Claus was on her way at the whopping speed of 30 km an hour heading to the Christmas tree forest. This ride would’ve taken her almost an hour to get to the forest, but once she found Santa she could get him to go on his snowmobile to the barbershop. As the snow cat plowed through the snow, the forest was within sight. As the snow cat was coming over the hill, Mrs. Claus saw snowmobile tracks. Mrs. Claus then floored it, pushing the accelerator all the way down, thinking, come on old girl. We’ve got to catch him. Well, Mrs. Claus finally made it to the gates of the forest. As she was getting out of the snow cat, there was a familiar noise in the air. Then she realized, oh no I’ve missed him. She looked through the window to see Santa taking off in his snowmobile heading back to Christmas town. Well the words that came out of Mrs. Claus mouth was “OH dang crumbled up Christmas Paper”, She hopped back into the snow cat with keys in hand. Mrs. Claus, pushed down on the accelerator all the way to the floor. The diesel was wound up as never done before, there was a flame from the exhaust pipe and smoke was blowing black as coal. The snow cat. Lunged forward, with her hands on the levers pushed forward, She knew she couldn’t catch Santa, but she could follow his trail now. The snow had finally stopped coming down, which made it easier for Mrs. Claus to see snowmobile tracks.

Mrs. Claus then looked down at her gas gauge. She had a half of tank fuel left this would be just enough to get her back to Christmas town. As Mrs. Claus was pulling into Christmas town, she lost Santa’s tracks, once again, but Mrs. Claus knew that Santa was somewhere in Christmas town and she was going to find him. Mrs. Claus looked down at her gas gauge once again to see it was running on empty, so she decided to go to North Pole gas. As she pulled up next to the pump the snow cat died. The Elf attendant came out of the gas station to pump the diesel for Mrs. Claus. She asked the elf if he had seen Santa. The Elf replied,” yes, Mrs. Claus he was here about 30 minutes ago he gassed up his snowmobile and he headed towards the cookie factory. But I don’t think he’s there now. I did see him about 15 minutes ago heading back towards the Castle.” As the nozzle clicked on the pump to say that the snow cat was now full. The elf took the nozzle out of the fuel tank and put the cap back on and put the nozzle back on the pump. Mrs. Claus paid for her fuel then climbed back into the snow cat, put the key in the ignition and was about to start the snow cat when Santa went flying by. Mrs. Claus happened to look up to see the back of Santas snowmobile heading towards the reindeer barn. Mrs Claus was now in hot pursuit to catch Santa. The reindeer barn was not that far away from the gas station. It would take Mrs. Claus about 15 minutes to arrive at the barn. As she was pulling up Santa’s snowmobile was next to the barn, this put a smile on Mrs. Claus face thinking I now have you.

She shut down the snow cat climbed out and headed for Santa snowmobile. She looked down to see the key was gone. Mrs. Claus then headed inside the barn only to find that Santa was not there, and his sled was missing, Mrs. Claus shook her head. She had forgotten today’s the day that Santa takes the reindeer for a flight, just to give them exercise and he’ll be gone for two hours. “Oh, crushed candy cane wrappers” Mrs. Claus then looked at a couple of the elves and asked them to put a couple of reindeer together so she can use her sled to go after Santa. She then asked, “do you know which way Santa went” the elves just looked at each other and said ,”Mrs. Claus. No we don’t?” The elves, then hurried to get Mrs. Claus sled ready for flight. It did not take the elves long and Mrs. Claus was now airborne looking for Santa and his sled.

Mrs. Claus started to wonder where to look. She then snapped the reins on her sled and pointed Penny and Taz towards the village. Santa always like to head there but she was not sure where he was going to fly next after the village. In a matter of moments. Mrs. Claus and her reindeer were over the village, and there was no sign of Santa and his sled. Both Penny and Taz look towards the south and started pulling the sleigh in that direction. It did not take long for Mrs. Claus to understand why they were going that way. The sound of Santas sleigh bells could be heard now off in the distance, this put a smile on Mrs. Claus face. She then looked down at her watch. There was still plenty of time to get back to Christmas town and get Santa his hair cut, so they can both have their pictures taken for this year’s Christmas cards. Mrs. Claus then snapped the reins one more time trying to get her reindeer to go just a little faster. In the distance, Mrs. Claus’s could see Santa’s sled and the sound coming from the jingle bells was getting louder. Mrs. Claus started to yell at Santa, but with the sound of the jingle bells he could not hear her. He then made a turn heading towards the Northwest Territories. oh no Mrs. Claus thought he’s going to take them out for a three-hour flight. Santa, then snapped his reins three times as Mrs. Claus watched Santa’s sleigh disappear into some clouds.

Mrs Claus followed into the clouds with her sleigh and her two-new reindeer Penny and Taz. After searching for 2 hours and not finding Santa Mrs. Claus headed back to the North Pole. She had enough of this searching for Santa she was going to wait for him back at the reindeer barn Mrs Claus pulled on the reins and headed back to the north pole. She figured that she was about 45 minutes away from the North Pole. The young reindeer enjoyed pulling on Mrs. Claus sleigh and hopes that one day they could pull Santa sleigh.

Christmas town is now in sight and the Reindeer Barn was on the other side of the town. Mrs. Claus, pulled back on the reins to slow down Penny and Taz as the reindeer runway was in sight our young Reindeer, and our rookie pilot made a perfect landing. As the reindeer walked into the barn Mrs. Claus noticed that Santas sleigh was parked inside the barn. Mrs. Claus thought to her self , “Are you kidding me?” Once she had stopped her sleigh, she looked over at the elves and then asked,” when did Santa return and did you tell him that I was looking for him? “One of the elves spoke up and said, “Santa was in an awful hurry and said he’d come back here later to find out where you had gone we did not get a chance to tell him what you had said Mrs. Claus then said,” sugar shack and then said, “Oh, Dag nab it and hanging mistletoe.” She snapped her fingers Mrs. Claus then climbed down from her sled and headed to say thank you to Penny and Taz by rubbed them along the side of the face. She had to go, as she was leaving she turned to the elves and asked,” do you by chance know where Santa is going?” All the elves just looked at her and all but one shook their heads and said “no.” One elves said, “I seen Santa heading back to Christmas town on his snowmobile.” Mrs. Claus thanked the young Elf and headed back to the snow cat, fired it back up with no problem. Mrs. Claus backed the snow cat up, pulled the right lever towards her pushed the left one forward and the snow cat turned on a dime. She then pushed the right lever forward all the old way and once again was heading back to Christmas town looking for Santa, Mrs. Claus looked at her watch. It was almost time for the pictures. She headed back to the Castle to go get changed and wait for the photographer and Santa. As she was pulling up to the front of the Castle, Hannah was just pulling up with her team of Alaskan malamutes, Mrs. Claus was a little envious of Hannah’s dog team it had brought memories to when she had her own team and sled. Mrs. Claus then shut the snow cat down and put a smile on her face to greet Hannah. As the two girls were talking and walking into the castle. Santa was standing in front of the doorway with his best red suit on, his beard and mustache were trimmed nicely and of course he got his hair cut. Hannah then said, “oh, Santa, you look so dapper”, Santa, then reached for his hat removed it and bowed in front of Hannah and Mrs. Claus and said, “why thank you, my dear “Santa, then put his hat back on his head, Mrs. Claus then said, “oh, Santa, you and I will have to have a little chat later tonight.” Santa started to laugh and then said, “of course my dear,” with a very loud, Ho, Ho, Ho came out of Santa.

From Santa and Mrs Claus Merry Christmas
Santa's White Christmas
Santa's White Christmas3 months ago
Hello from the North Pole there is never a dull moment with the Claus A new story of another adventure go to
Www.santaswhitechristmas.ca to find out what santa has been up to.
go to News and Events and then Aunty Joe’s Christmas Newsroom

From Santa White Christmas

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