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Hello From Santa’s White Christmas!

Hello once again, from The North Pole  Boys ,Girls, Moms and Dads. Mrs. Claus and I would like to introduce you to our website, Santa’s White Christmas. The Elves are […]

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Santa's White Christmas
Santa's White ChristmasAugust 27th, 2016 at 2:03am
Hello World from north pole. I have some great news for you we have some new stories from the north pole. Some great recipes from Mrs. Claus. So please check out our website. WWW.Santaswhitechristmas.ca , face book and Twitter �@SantasWhiteChr1 from time to time to see what is going on with the Clauses.
Santa's White Christmas
Santa's White ChristmasAugust 27th, 2016 at 2:03am
A Storm over the North Pole.

With the letters coming in from all over the world, one of Auntie Joe's daily duties was to pick up the mail with her dog team of Alaskan malamute's. This is one task that Auntie Joe did not mind doing. It gave her a chance to be with her eight Malamutes and one of her favourite was Canyon, as he was the lead dog for her sled.
As Auntie Joe was hooking up canyon
to the sled, she looked back to see the other two sleds were ready to go, because at this time of year, they were busy making four runs to the old North Pole airport for the mail service. Well our Postal workers were about to head to the field which was a two mile run from Santa castle, the big doors opened to the dog kennel. The wind was blowing the snow around, the sky was dark and Canyon was ready to start to pull the sled with his team mates, when Auntie Joe gave the command to go and all three teams were off as they made it a race to see which team would meet the plane first. Santa liked to watch from his office window with his cup of hot chocolate in hand as the three sleds headed out. As he watched from his window in the castle and he always knew which sled Canyon was pulling as Auntie Joe was hanging onto the sled handles.
As Santa went back to his desk to check the list twice, one of his elves burst into Santa’s office with the latest weather report. “There is a blizzard coming in towards the north Pole and we need to stop the mail pick up run for today. We have contacted the plane and it’s heading back to its base until the storm passes.” Santa jumped out of his chair,” they have already gone for the mail.”
Santa then picked up the phone on his desk and called Auntie Joe Cell phone but there was no answer. Santa then called the reindeers barn to get the sled ready to go and get the mail runners. As this was being done, the winds were getting stronger and the three sleds and the pullers were not making every good time. Canyon had stopped the sled. He looked back at her as if to say, we need to go back. Auntie joe pulled her googles down and looked around but could not see the other two sleds. The storm was now on top of her. She then walked towards the front of her team to bring her boys into a circle and moved her arms in a downward motion to lay down.
The phone started to ring on Santa’s desk. It was the kennel calling. The head dog master Binky reports to Santa that two of the three sleds have made it back to the kennel, but Auntie Joe was not with them.
The news traveled fast throughout the castle and Mrs. Claus came into Santa’s office to find out what was going on. Santa explained what he knew and that he was gearing up a rescue mission with his sled and they would be heading out in a few minutes. Mrs. Claus said,” good and I’m coming with you!” She stormed out of Santa office before he could say, no you are not coming my dear.
Auntie Joe was busy making a shelter for her and her boys. She was digging a cave in the snow with a shovel she had in her sled. As she was digging, she looked to her right to see Canyon digging next to her. As they both finished the snow- cave, Auntie Joe put her boys inside and she then pulled her sled onto its side to cover the entrance and left enough of an opening so air could get in for the team.
Santa was all ready to go and so was Mrs. Claus. With 4 elves from the kennel already in the back of the sled,
Santa grabbed the reins and yelled out, “light the way Rudolph. On Dasher, on Dancer, On Prancer, On Vixen, On Comet, on Cupid, on Donner and Blitzen.” As the reindeer were starting to pull the Santa’s sled, the doors to the outside started to close. Santa then pulled back on the reins. He looked over to find out what was going on as Jingles ran towards the sled to let Santa know that we have gotten a message from Auntie Joe and she is in a snow cave and her and her boys are all ok, so please stay in the castle and we will be back once the storm evaporates. Santa asked his elves to put the reindeers back in their stalls but have them ready to go on a moment’s notice. Mrs. Claus and Santa went back to his office to wait out the storm.
Santa then called the north pole weather office for an update. Wingle answered the phone and reported to Santa that the storm will pass in 1 hour.

With Auntie Joe and her boys safe in her snow cave, she reached into the over turned sled to get a candle and a pack of matches to put some light and a little bit warmth into the snow cave.
Then Auntie Joe’s cell phone rang. It was Mrs. Claus checking on her and her boys and to let her know that the storm was almost over and Santa and the rescue team are ready to go once the wind and snow settles down.
Auntie Joe then reached into her sled one more time to get some treats for her boys and grab some trail mix for herself. As Auntie Joe was eating her snack, she had 8 malamutes watching her eat the trail mix and thinking, when is it our turn to get some?
As she was reaching into the bag of mix, the howling wind was settling down. Well she looked at Canyon and said “well my boy its time to head back for home.” She pushed the sled over to open the mouth of the snow cave. She then set the sled on its runners and then called each one of her boys out of the cave to be reconnected to the sled. The last one to come out of the snow cave would be Canyon, but he looked like he did not want to move as he was nice and comfortable. Auntie Joe turned her back to him then said, “ok boys, who wants to be the new lead dog for our sled? “As she was waiting, Canyon came flying out of the cave and the only thing he was missing was a set of antlers and a red nose as he landed at the front of the team. Auntie Joe started to laugh and finished hooking up Canyon. As she was walking back to the handles of the sled, she petted each and everyone of her boys. After the last one was petted, all of them looked back as Auntie Joe yelled, “Chocolate chip cookies” and that was the magic words and they were flying back to Santa castle. As the team was approaching the kennel doors to the castle, we can hear Canyon running and howling at the same time. Santa jumped from his chair as he heard Canyon
singing he favorite Christmas song, “Here comes Canyon, here comes Canyon, right down north pole lane!” The big malamute was joined in by the other members of the team.
It was then that Santa and Mrs Claus headed down to kennel to meet the missing team and wanting to hear how they survived the blizzard.

From the North Pole Gazette Ho. Ho. Ho.
Santa's White Christmas
Santa's White ChristmasAugust 27th, 2016 at 2:03am
A message for Santa

Mom and I had to go and see Santa. As we were waiting in line to see him, I knew he would not be happy with me. As the line moved a little closer to him he was smiling and happy .and saying, ”Ho. Ho. Ho.” I tried to leave the line but mom grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to her, that is when Santa noticed me he waved at me. But I put my head down so I could not look at him. Now it was my turn to see him, when Mrs Claus took my hand to bring me up to see him and my mom was right behind us to make sure I saw him. I climbed on to his lap he asked me,” how are you doing and what would you like for Christmas”? I looked at his face to see a smile and a gentle look coming from his eyes. As I was about to tell him what happened when my Mom with her arms crossed said,’ you tell Santa what you did and how you wrecked Christmas for the whole family’. He looked at her, then looked back at me and said,” what do you have to tell me my boy?”

I was about to say the reason when mom yelled,” well are you going to tell him or am I going to have to tell how you wrecked Christmas for everyone in the world.”

Santa then said,” my boy, its not all that bad. We can fix it so tell me what has happened in your home.” I looked back at Mom and she was crying. Mrs Claus went to mom and started to talk to her. I put my head down for a few moments. I then looked back at Santa I then told him why I was there to see him.

“Santa, I opened all of the gifts under the Christmas tree, and mom said I had to tell you and you were going to take all of our gifts back to the north pole.”

Santa just looked at me for a moment, then said,” my boy I want you to look at Mom and see what you have done to her. She is very sad, so what do you think we should do here to help your Mom feel better.?”

I looked back at Santa and said,”I’m Sorry Santa, you should take all of my gifts and give them to other boys.”

He sat back in his big chair and said,” ok my boy I want you to go and bring Mom over here and then we will work out a little plan to make every one happy.”

Santa then said to us,” OK mom, you have a seat and my boy you stand here.” He told Mom what I said about taking his gifts and giving them to other boys. Then Santa said,” my boy, you know what you did was wrong, so on December 24th when I come to your home, I may or may not take your gifts, but I will or Mrs Claus will be calling your Mom every day to check up on you to see how you are doing in helping around the house like keeping you room clean, brushing your teeth, doing your school work and helping your mom around the house and I want you and mom to re-wrap all the gifts together and on Christmas morning, if you have been a very good boy, I may bring you something and does that sound fair Mom?”

Mom said “yes.”

Santa then put his hand out to shake my hand, then said,” Merry Christmas my boy.” As we were walking away, I looked back to see him looking at us leaving his den and gave me a wink and a smile.

From Santa’s White Christmas

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Santa's White Christmas
Santa's White ChristmasAugust 27th, 2016 at 2:03am
He Is The Real Santa Claus

As I was sitting in my chair seeing all of the bright and shining faces, there was this little girl that was standing next to her parents and she kept looking at me as I was looking back at her. Well it was her turn to come and see me Mrs Claus talked to her for a moment then brought her up. As she stood in front of me she was still looking at my beard to see if I had straps under my hat that was holding my beard up.

Well the little girl then looked at Mrs. Claus then asked,” is that real.?”Both Mrs Claus and I started to smile and Mrs. Claus said,” why don’t we both give it a very little tug.”

Well Mrs Claus told the little girl on the count of three we will both give it little tug. I said, “Hey wait a minute don’t I have any thing to say about this?” They both said” No!” in sync.

Mrs. Claus started the count down and on Two. I closed my eyes and when they got to Three Mrs. Claus gave a little tug and the little girl gave a great BIG tug.

And the next thing I knew she was running towards her parents yelling, “he is the real Santa mom and dad. He is the real Santa.” As the three of them were leaving the little girl was still telling her parents that my beard is real and I’m the real Santa.

With a tear in my eye I waved at the little girl and Mrs. Claus was off to bring another little one to see me.

From Santa’s White Christmas

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Santa's White Christmas
Santa's White ChristmasAugust 27th, 2016 at 2:03am
Hello once again, from The North Pole Boys ,Girls, Moms and Dads.

Mrs. Claus and I would like to introduce you to our website, Santa’s White Christmas. The Elves are busy all year round making toys, but one of my elf’s by the name of Jingles, asked me if we could put a website together that is fun for all ages.

So come and enjoy his hard work .

We would like to welcome you and your Family, Friends, co-worker’s to our Interactive website.

It has something for everyone.

Live Radio

Santa Tracker

Sheet Christmas Music

North Pole Gazette Ho Ho Ho

Booking Calendar

Mrs. Claus Family Centre

Mrs C Craft Corner

Mrs Claus Recipes

Booking your Special event with us.

Kids Zone Playing Games , Coloring book and Christmas Videos

Media Reports(From the Festival of Tees Edmonton, Meals on Wheels And Videos

Come and see where we are at public events & much more.)

Home visits,
Breakfast/lunch with Santa and Mrs. Claus
Family gatherings
Schools ,Day cares ,Nursing Homes
Corporate gatherings – employee Christmas parties
Civic functions – parades – tree lighting
Photo sessions
So Welcome once again to Santa’s White Christmas


Santa & Mrs Claus.

From Santa White Christmas

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