Message From The Edmonton Festival of Trees

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With advanced CT Imaging,

a few minutes can make all the difference

Doctors need imaging to make decisions.

Big decisions that can save your life, and make the difference between a loved one facing life with a devastating disability, or walking out of the hospital.

CT scans produce crystal clear, detailed images that give doctors vital information, and guide care for patients with head injuries, strokes, brain tumors and other brain conditions.

And CT scans are fast. You can be in and out of the scanner within five minutes. Images are available for review immediately. In a matter of minutes, the conversation around you changes from “What’s happening?” to “Here’s our plan.”

Your support of the 2018 Festival of Trees will help fund the most advanced CT scanning technology and software for the Brain Centre at the University of Alberta Hospital.

Supporting brain care

The final and critically important phase of the University Hospital Foundation’s Brain Centre Campaign is to build a new, state-of-the-art Neuro Intensive Care Unit.

In a fully redesigned and expanded Neuro ICU, the primary role of the CT scanner is to identify changes in a patient’s condition.

The sooner doctors know there’s been more bleeding on the brain, or brain swelling, the faster they can take action to prevent further brain damage. Clear images taken days apart can also be used to compare and evaluate treatment and a patient’s progress.

Having an advanced CT scanner within the unit means these patients – who need intense medical care to stay alive – will not have to go far for imaging, sparing them the discomfort and risk that comes with being transported around the hospital.

What your sponsorship can do

By becoming a 2018 Festival of Trees sponsor, you join one of Edmonton’s most cherished events, and support the purchase of advanced CT imaging at the University of Alberta Hospital