The Christmas Wind Chimes

The north wind was moving across the northern tundra. With the snow circling all around him, he was heading towards the north pole. He always stopped outside Mrs. Claus office window to see his old friend as he pulled down his hood that was covering … Continue readingThe Christmas Wind Chimes

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Low Calorie Fruit Cake

Well here is a special recipes from Blinky and Winky Kitchen for everyone that loves fruit cake.

Jingle Bells Homemade Fruit Cocktail

Jingle bells spend long hours at the north pole switch board and she love to treat herself with her home make fruit cocktail right from the fridge

Grand Mother Claus Christmas Salad

You will love this Christmas Salad.
This recipe was found by Mrs . Claus in grand Mother Claus old cook book. We hope you and your family will enjoy this with your Christmas dinner.