Edmonton Festival of trees

8 new reindeer 

Santa and Mrs. Claus are happy to come to the annual  festival of trees and other events that were around the City of Edmonton. As the Claus arrived at the festival of trees. Santa is trying out some new reindeer as his regular 8 are getting ready for their flight on December 24.


Message From The Edmonton Festival of Trees

With advanced CT Imaging,

a few minutes can make all the difference

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Oh my Santa does the splits.


Hi, my name is Jingles . I’m one of Santa’s elves ,and I have a true story about Santa for you to read.  So grab a cold glass of milk,some chocolate chips cookies and pull up a chair , get comfortable and enjoy this story. One...Read More »

Edmonton Festival of Trees Evening Event

Hello everyone Mrs. Claus and I will be at the Edmonton Festival of Trees

from November 29, 2018

9 am to 1 pm

November   30, 2018

Time 9 am to 1 Pm

December 1 2018

Time...Read More »

A Special Family Christmas Picture


With the Christmas music playing on the radio, my daughter was laying in her hospital bed at the Strollery. A couple of nurses came into her room and they were talking about the festival of trees that they had attended last night and how Santa...Read More »

Festival of trees Santa’s Breakfast

Hello One and all Mrs Claus and I will be at the Festival of trees Santa’s Breakfast  so come on down we look forward in seeing you there.

Sunday, November 27. 2016
8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.
Presented by the Rexall Foundation

Tickets to Santa’s Breakfast are $20 for adults, $10...Read More »

Welcome Dr. Deer to Santa's Den



Santa and Mrs Claus Welcome Dr. Deer to Santa Den


From Santa’s White Christmas

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Santa's 1st Child At Festival Of Trees Edmonton

It seems like it was only yesterday when I started at the festival of trees in Edmonton Alberta, Canada, when this little girl slowly approached me in my chair she probably could see the fear in my eyes, as she and her grandmother looked at me, the little girl...Read More »

The Proposal

With the snow falling gently outside and the sweet sound of silent night being played through the pa system, Mrs Claus and myself were sitting in the Santa’s Den at the Festival of Trees. Seeing all of the fine children, when this young couple came up to see us, I...Read More »

From Santa’s White Christmas

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