Santa’s 1st Child At Festival Of Trees Edmonton

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It seems like it was only yesterday when I started at the festival of trees in Edmonton Alberta, Canada, when this little girl slowly approached me in my chair she probably could see the fear in my eyes, as she and her grandmother looked at me, the little girl slowly climbed on to my knee. I asked her what she would like for Christmas and she replied “Nothing Santa!” I noticed a tear in her right eye.

I asked her “what was the matter my girl?”

She replied,” My mom and dad are always fighting and they are both not working” I looked up at Grandma she nodded her head.

I then said to the little girl, “I bet your mom and dad are looking for a job right now, but my girl what would you like for Christmas?”

She said in a very low voice,” a Barbie”

I looked up at grandma and she said “if you are a good little girl Santa will bring you one.”

Then grandma asked to have a picture of me and her granddaughter to be taken .The little girl got down from my knee   as grandma was paying for the picture. The little girl turned around and ran at me almost knocking me out of my chair and at the moment of impact she yelled out, ”I love you Santa “and gave me a big hug.

Well the next year the same little girl and her grand ma came back to see me again at the festival of trees. They had been looking for me and the little had our picture in her had from the previous year and she jumped on my lap.

She said to me, “Thank you Santa for getting mom and dad each a job and it happened on the day. I seen you.” and she then gave me a kiss on the check and then opened her coat and pulled out her Barbie to show me. That this is the Barbie that Santa brought to her and every year. I have seen both of them until last year when grand ma passed on but the little girl who is now 16 still comes to see me at the festival of trees with her Barbie and now she brings her parents to see me and wish me and my family a merry Christmas.

From Santa’s White Christmas

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