Oh my Santa does the splits.

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Hi, my name is Jingles . I’m one of Santa’s elves ,and I have a true story about Santa for you to read.  So grab a cold glass of milk,some chocolate chips cookies and pull up a chair , get comfortable and enjoy this story. One year I was helping Santa at the Edmonton festival of trees, he was busy seeing all of the little ones and hearing what they wanted for Christmas ,when one of the local television station came up to talk to Santa and myself.Well after the interview was done, I spotted a little one that did not want to come near to see Santa .As Santa was talking to some little ones, I went and got the reporter and the camera crew and brought them back to Santa’s den. I said to them,” Come back , you have to see this!”

As Santa was finish talking to the little ones and their parents , I had a smile on my face, to the point of almost bursting out laughing.

Well , I went over to see mom and dad  to talk with them ,and as I bent down to talk to the young man , he grabbed his moms  left leg and started to scream and cry , so I went and got  our toy train and showed the young man that he can sit on this in front of Santa. So the young man released his grip from his mothers leg and followed me to where I placed the train in front of Santa. Once the young man was  sitting on the toy train and  in place , I would let the parents know when to take the picture . I would do a count down from five to one and when I hit one ,take the picture.

 So let the countdown begin:

Five, Four, Three, TWO ,Santa would then leave his big green comfy chair and do the splits behind the little one , that was looking at his  parents as they were taking the picture and the little ones never heard Santa doing the splits.


There was a big flash from the camera.                                 

The reporter said, “Oh my, Santa does the splits!”

Santa looked over to see the media recording what had just happened. He waved at them, and then bounced back into his chair. The little one had a smile on his face thinking he had beaten Santa out of a Christmas picture.

The little ones father asked Santa if he ever played hockey ,Santa said, “Why yes, I played goalie in the Elf league, Reindeer division and we are in 1st place this year.”

Both of them started to laugh.

I looked over at mom and she was smiling with  a tear in her eye as she looked at the screen of her camera when the young man wanted to see the picture .She thanked us for getting his first Santa picture without him crying and fighting Santa .Mom  showed dad the picture and as the three were leaving the den,  mom showed the young man the picture and he turned and gave Santa a dirty look and stuck out his tongue.

Santa then said , “Merry Christmas, ho.ho.ho.”


From Santa’s White Christmas

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