Santa’s Crafts Extravaganza at Steele Height Community League

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Hello boys and girls from of Steels Heights Community League and all the surrounding areas in Edmonton.

Well I must say that this is a true treat for me, since Santa has really picked up the pace since we are heading full into the holiday Christmas season, and has found him in a workshop with all the elves, making sure that all is on schedule and they are working on those special requests you asked for. So, I Mrs. Claus has offered to write this letter to you.

And I am just thrilled to be able to write to all you lovely children and I have something special to share with you all. Since Santa and all the Elves, Reindeer are so much ahead of schedule which means I am ahead of schedule as well, I am going to be able to join Santa this holiday season on a few trips and one is to see YOU at Steele Height Community Hall. I am so excited to meet you all! … after all Santa talks to me about all the wonderful letters he received and just how good you all have been throughout the year. We know being good would be by listening to your parents and helping around the house, being nice to your brother or sister and always try your best in school and don’t forget to listen to your teachers as well.

I do hope you have been having lots of fun in the winter season playing in the snow, playing outside with your toboggans or maybe you’re on the ice skating, playing hockey or maybe it is an indoor sport just staying active keeping fit during these long winter months.

Though we all hard work I do make sure the Elves and Reindeer do make time to play and stay active as well. We go sledding, build snowmen, play hockey and even I have been known to throw a few snow balls in a good old snow ball fight between the elves and reindeer, all friendly of course. One of my personal favorite is while checking on the Christmas tree farm, we play a little game of hide and seek, which I must say those elves are very good at. After a few hours of some good playtime we relax in the house for some hot coco, a cookie or carrot for snack, while sitting and relaxing by the fireplace, singing or listening to Christmas carols this is one of my special times to chat with all our elves and reindeer family to let them know how proud we are of them working so very hard to get ready for that long busy night of flying around the world to deliver all the special items to all you special children.

The elves and reindeer always share with me how they just love their job hard work and all, it all worth it when that special day comes around. So still having to keep everyone on task there is still lots to be done polishing the sleigh and all the jingle bells and of course each reindeer always needs to be sized and fitted for their shiny new sled harnesses, that they are so proud to wear for that special night…they always look so handsome!

Hey Moms and Dads at this time pictures will be available with Santa and I, with one free picture with a valid community league membership, along with other can be purchased up to four .Well I best get a move on as I have more cookies to get baked for my  Santa, elves, and reindeer families

So, as we are for getting all the final details ready I hope you will do something nice for others during this special season of giving, will you consider bringing a non-perishable food item with you to donate to the Edmonton

Food Bank, as this could help others to have a special Christmas as well. When you visit Santa and I on Nov.18/2017 at 11 Am to 4 Pm at the Steele Heights Community League Hall on 5825-140 Ave. Northwest     T5A-1G3 Edmonton Alberta (780) 475-3553.

 Thank you Mrs Claus