The Christmas Wind Chimes

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The north wind was moving across the northern tundra.
With the snow circling all around him, he was heading towards the north pole. He always stopped outside Mrs. Claus office window to see his old friend as he pulled down his hood that was covering his head. He looked into her office. Then he started to gently blow on the pipes that were hanging outside Mrs. Claus office. He made each one start to sing in the wind. Mrs. Claus was sitting at her desk in her office. She was busy looking over her baking accounts for the year. She reached over for her cup of hot chocolate that was sitting on her desk. She sat back in her office chair and could hear the wind blowing outside. As she was drinking, she could hear the wind chimes ringing outside her window. Mrs. Claus looked on her desk to see two of her favorite pictures in the world, one was of Santa and her dancing in the Christmas tree forest on their wedding anniversary and the other one was of Christmas Cookie looking at her first met at the North Pole airport, when Santa came home from delivering all the presents to all the good little boys and girls. Santa had an extra gift in his toy sack. This gift adopted Mrs. Claus, those two pictures warmed Mrs. Claus heart right up.
Mrs. Claus looked up towards the fireplace mantel where the clock sat was about to chime four pm. So, she took that last few swallows of what was left in her mug. She got up from her chair she turned around and reached down for her handbag, then put her favourite mug inside. After doing that she put her coat on. Then headed for the office door, there are was a special place she wanted to be tonight.
Mrs. Claus stopped at the door to her office she could hear the metal pipes of the wind chimes singing into the North wind. She reached into her bag and pulled out a command start to warm up the motor to her red Snow Cat. As Mrs. Claus was walking down the hallway heading towards the front doors to the North Pole Administration Office, there was a few elves saying, “Good night Mrs. Claus.” She said, “Good Night” to each and everyone. With a hop skip and jump, Mrs. Claus was in her Snow Cat and on her way home to her family. As the big Snow Cat was traveling through the streets of Christmas town the Citizens of Christmas town were all coming to the end of their workday as well. Some of the storekeepers were closing their stores as well. A red light came on her dashboard, it was the fuel gauge showing it almost empty. Mrs. Claus was not worried because there was a gas station next block up. As she approached the gas station she stopped and turned on her left signal light and once it was clear she went into the gas station. A young elf by the name of Gus came out from inside the gas station to fill up the snow cat. Gus asked, “Fill it up, and check the oil Mrs. Claus?” Mrs. Claus smiled and said, “Sure Gus.” Mrs. Claus went inside to talk to her old friend Andy that ran the gas station.
After Gus finished filling both tanks and checked the oil on the Snow Cat. Mrs. Claus was waiting inside the gas station so she could pay her bill.
After she had talked to Andy, owner of the gas station, she paid her bill and got into the Snow Cat and headed home. It was a long day, and she was starting to feel it, but she started to think of Christmas Cookie on the night she came into her life. Also, the night that Santa and she danced this put a smile on her face. She started the Snow Cat up then put it into gear and started for home.

It only took a few minutes to get home from the gas station. On reaching the castle garage door, she stopped the Red Snow Cat then grabbed the garage door opener and pushed the button to open the large doors, then drove the Snow Cat in. Mrs. Claus then shut off the engine, climbed out of the cab headed to the front door of the castle. As Mrs. Claus was walking up the stairs to the front door, the door opened for her by Dexter.
Dexter had his arm out to take Mrs. Claus long red coat.
Mrs. Claus stopped and took off her coat and gave it to Dexter. As she was doing this, she asked, “Hello Dexter so how is everyone doing here, and how was my little girl today?” Dexter looked up at Mrs. Claus and replied, “Well, Mrs. Claus everyone is doing ok and as for Christmas Cookie, she was good as gold today.”
This put a little smile on her face she then asked, “Dexter, is Santa home and what time will supper be ready?”
Dexter was putting Mrs. Claus coat on a hanger to be put in the closet. He stopped and looked at Mrs. Claus. Dexter replied, “Well Mrs. Claus, Santa is not home. He called and asked about supper as well. He would be home in thirty minutes.” Mrs. Claus then said to Dexter, “Ok Dexter, I will be upstairs with Christmas Cookie and when Santa arrives let him know I am home and thank you Dexter.”
Mrs. Claus headed towards the oak staircase to go upstairs; Dexter headed toward the closet to hang Mrs. Claus coat up and take her handbag that held her lunch and favorite mug.
As Mrs. Claus was walking up the stairs sitting at the top of the stairs was Christmas Cookie waiting for mom to come home. Her tail was wagging, happy to see mom and to say mom your late, as she sat at the top of the stairs. Mrs. Claus bent down to pick up her little girl and gave her a hug. Christmas Cookie returned the hug by wrapping her little paws around Mrs. Claus neck. Christmas Cookie would always give an unbelievably soft meow in Mrs. Claus ear.

Mrs. Claus said, “Hello my little girl and how was your day? Mine was very busy you know with all the bookkeeping before the end of the year.” Christmas Cookie place her right cheek on Mrs. Claus right cheek and pressed a little bit. Mrs. Claus then took the last step to the top and headed to a part of the castle that she would hardly ever got to go to and relax.
She headed for her room that Santa had built especially for her. She opened the door to her room. The curtains were open and the white light from outside was coming off two exceptionally large Christmas trees that was illuminating the whole room. Mrs. Claus walked into the middle of the room while carrying Christmas Cookie. They both were looking at the white light coming through the windows.
After a few seconds of looking around the room, Mrs. Claus put Christmas Cookie down on a bench. Mrs. Claus walked over to the light switch and turned it on.
The Christmas lights that were wrapped inside the garland, hanging on the walls around each window and on the lights on the Christmas tree came to life when the power connected to each bulb on the branches.
After doing this she went to start a fire in the fireplace. After she had finished doing that, she looked towards Christmas Cookie who was sitting on her piano bench that was pulled just enough for her to sit on. Mrs. Claus walked towards the windows Christmas Cookie jumped off the bench and started to walk behind Mrs. Claus.

Santa was busy in his private workshop inside the castle. He was busy carving a wooden doll of his Mrs. Claus and he had already finished a carving of Christmas Cookie on her pillow. Santa was about to get off his chair when he heard a grumbling coming from his tummy. He looked down and then he started to laugh.
He looked up at the wall where the clock was hanging the time was now four thirty pm. He thought well Mrs. Claus should be home by now.

He walked over to the door to his private workshop and open the door and shut the lights off and headed upstairs of the castle. Dexter was just coming out of the dining room when he seen Santa coming up the stairs from his private workshop.
Dexter was surprised to see him he thought he was at the main toy shop.
Dexter said, “Good evening Santa, when did you get home?” Santa smiled he knew that Dexter did not know he was home and working downstairs.
Santa replied, “Oh I have been home for a while Dexter. I was wondering if Mrs. Claus was home yet?”
Dexter said, “Why yes Santa! She and Christmas Cookie went upstairs. Oh yes supper is almost ready according to our cook, can you let Mrs. Claus know?”
At that moment, a sound was heard coming from Santa. Dexter looked towards Santa tummy. He tried not to laugh but Santa did with a deep laugh and HO. HO. HO.
Santa said, “Dexter I will go up and see what Mrs. Claus is doing so, when supper is ready, just come and get us Ok?”
Dexter replied, “Ok Santa.” Dexter headed back towards the kitchen and Santa looked to the staircase that lead to the second floor of the castle, he headed upstairs. Mrs. Claus lifted the cover that protected the keys to the baby grand piano and ran her finger across the key’s, but she decided to play her guitar. She walked to the corner next to the piano and reached down for her Acoustic Guitar that was sitting on its stand. She was going to play her special Acoustic Guitar, that was made by her own husband hands. To her that sound was sweet as a freshly made candy cane as she played each sting. She could not wait to start to play it again. As she was looking at the body and neck of her guitar

Christmas Cookie was watching Mrs. Claus coming towards the piano bench. As she walk right by Christmas Cookie, she put her paw out and touched her red dress Christmas Cookie let out an incredibly quiet meow it was just loud enough for Mrs. Claus to hear it. She stopped and looked down at her little girl whose eyes had a small tear in each of them.
Mrs. Claus stopped looked down at her and asked, “What’s the matter my girl?” At that moment Christmas Cookies mouth opened as if to say something, but she did not say a word just looked at Mrs. Claus. Santa called out, “Mrs. Claus, where are you?” Mrs. Claus placed her Guitar on the piano bench then went down on one knee looked into Christmas Cookie eyes and started to pet her on the back of her head. Then she heard Santa calling her and Christmas Cookie. Mrs. Claus looked towards the door as Santa was coming through it.

Santa was standing in the doorway to the music room that was built for Mrs. Claus.
Santa started to smile as he was looking at his Mrs. Claus and her Christmas Cookie, Santa said, “Hey sweets, how are you doing?” Mrs. Claus replied, “Hi my dear, I’m doing fine and, our Christmas Cookie was missing me today. She was just showing me that.” Santa walked towards both of them. He put his hand right out and towards Christmas Cookie. Santa also put his left hand on Mrs. Claus right shoulder and bent down and gave her a kiss on the cheek. He rubbed the top of Christmas Cookies head. Christmas Cookie stood up at the same time to meet. Santa’s hand after petting Christmas Cookie Mrs. Claus stood up and picked up her guitar from the piano bench. Santa picked up Christmas Cookie and took her to the windows to look out.

Mrs. Claus was now sitting in her chair and started to strum the stings on her guitar and humming at the same time as she was tuning it for the song she wanted to play. Christmas Cookie was looking up at Santa, she then placed her paw on his white glove and started to gentle pat it. This made Santa looked down at her.
Santa started to pet her as they both looked out the window to see a large Christmas tree that was lite it up with only white lights and a red Star on the top. Down the hill you could see all the lights on Christmas town from that window. Were shining bright like little stars in the sky.
Mrs. Claus start to play her acoustic guitar and the notes that were coming were clean and sharp as well pleasing to listen to at the same time. Then Mrs. Claus stopped playing for a second, she looked toward the top of her baby grand piano to see her two favorite pictures again. Christmas Cookie and her the day they first met and Santa and her dancing in the Christmas tree forest on their wedding anniversary. Mrs. Claus fixed her guitar on her lap. She then started to play Silent Night and after a few cords she start to sing to the heavenly music coming from the guitar strings as each one of her fingers touch them.

Santa turned to see his wife playing their favorite song. Christmas Cookie made herself more comfortable in Santa arms and he was walking toward a red high back wing chair that was right next to the fireplace. Santa sat in his chair and was listening to Mrs. Claus play and at that moment the door to the music room opened again. It was Dexter and some of the kitchen staff with the Clauses supper. Everyone was at the door just listening to Mrs. Claus playing her guitar and singing. Santa waved everyone into the music room. As the carts were pushed from the hallway to inside the music room Mrs. Claus stopped playing and looked at everyone coming into the music room.
She started to smile as they were now setting up the tables to put the food on. Mrs. Claus noticed there was only three place settings for Santa and her as well Christmas Cookie. There was a lot of food being put out. Mrs. Claus said, “Dexter there is something wrong with supper tonight?” Dexter and the rest of the kitchen staff stopped and looked at Mrs. Claus.

Dexter started to look nervous his mouth went dry and started to clear his throat then said, “Yes Mrs. Claus?” Santa was watching Dexter and thought he was going to pass out at that moment.
Mrs. Claus replied, “Yes Dexter you are missing some tables, settings and chairs for everyone, and everyone is invited to have supper with us.” The color started returned to Dexter’s cheeks. That shock of been invited for supper wore off amazingly fast.
Dexter clapped his hands togethers and said, “Come on everyone you heard Mrs. Claus we have been invited for supper so let’s go and get out supper settings and chairs.” He slapped his hands again.
Christmas Cookie was busy watching all the action in seeing all twenty elves from the kitchen running towards the door at once. She just closed her eyes and laid her head on Santa’s arm as he was petting her head. Mrs. Claus started to play her guitar once again. Christmas Cookie opened her eyes to see everyone was back, one of the cooks were placing her food next to Mrs. Claus like it has been done every night since she arrived at the North Pole and met Mrs. Claus twenty-three years three weeks ago.
Santa place Christmas Cookie on the floor and she walked over to her food dish and started to eat her supper. Santa got up from his chair and headed towards the table were all the food was place and ready to eat. Everyone started to eat after grace was said and the food was being passed back and forth.

After Santa finished his supper, he wiped his mouth with the cloth napkin he placed it on the empty plate that was in front of him. Santa stood up from the table and walked over to the piano. He started to play Oh Holy Night. Mrs. Claus had finished her meal as well and stood from the table and walked towards the piano. She was standing next to it she started to sing.

All the elves moved from the tables to the floor to the front of the fireplace. Christmas Cookie walked towards her red pillow that was on the left side of the fireplace.
She stepped on to her pillow then started walk in a circle looking for that right spot to lay down. It was like Mrs. Claus putting some jelly in the middle of one of her sugar cookies. Christmas Cookie was looking up at and was listening to Mrs. Claus as she was singing, and Santa was playing the piano. Dexter got up from the hearth of the fireplace. He walked over to Mrs. Claus guitar and grabbed it and brought it over to her to play as well keep on singing. Christmas Cookie started to yawn as everyone was enjoying the music. Christmas Cookie curled up into a ball. With her back towards everyone in the room with one final yawn she was sound asleep.

Santa decided to play their favorite song so he could hear his beautiful wife sing it for everyone in the room. Santa placed his fingers on the keys of the piano again and started to play. With his deep voice, he started to hum Silent Night.
At that moment Mrs. Claus turned her head and she started to smile; she started to play her acoustic guitar to joined Santa. The elves were sitting and enjoying the music. The Clauses were now singing together.

Dexter stood up. He directed the elves to the corners of the music room to gather violins, horns, flutes, and the drums After they set up and started to play with the Clauses. Santa looked around the music room as the sound rose from each instrument into the air.
Christmas Cookie opened her eyes with her head on her left paw and ears were up as she watched and listen to her Mrs. Claus sing, the room filled warmth from the fireplace, with Music and song in the air, Christmas Cookie closed her eyes and went back to sleep.
As the night was winding down and the last ones in the music room were Mrs. Claus and Santa and Christmas Cookie that was still sleeping on her pillow in front of the fireplace, Mrs. Claus start to play Silent Night on her guitar and singing once again. Santa was sitting on the piano bench and was just watching her and listening to his angel singing. After she had finished, she stood up and walked to the guitar stand to put her guitar away. Santa was about to go and get Christmas Cookie when Mrs. Claus said, “No Santa let her sleep we will leave the door open for her when she wakes up.” Santa replied, “Ok my Dear.”

As they were leaving, Mrs. Claus reached up to shut the lights off to the music room. The white lights coming off Christmas trees that was near the castle window outside to the music room filled the music room with white light. The colored lights on the Christmas tree in the corner were dancing and shining just as bright. With the reddish light from fireplace glowing into the room, Mrs. Claus stopped and looked back into the music room to see Christmas Cookie’s silhouette sound asleep on her pillow. Mrs. Claus said, “Good Night my baby girl and sweet dreams. I will see you tomorrow.” Mrs. Claus blew her a small kiss from her lips.
Christmas Cookie lifted her head up just a bit and with a gentle meow came from her mouth, she then put her head back on her left paw and went back to sleep, she started to purr.
The north wind started to head back towards Christmas town. As he passed Mrs. Claus office window, he reached out with his left hand and with his fingers brushed each chime of the metal pipes as they were singing into the wind, one pipe at a time.
They were calling that Christmas was here and merry Christmas from our house to yours
From Santa and Mrs, Claus
And everyone at the north pole
Merry Christmas
happy New Year