A trip to the hospital

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A trip to the hospital.
Hello one and all, Dexter here, I’m Blinky’s big brother; I have a story for you so gather everyone around.

It started one cold and snowy night, Blinky and Winky were sound asleep in their beds when Blinky let out a blood curdling scream that sent Winky falling out of bed and he hit his head on the night stand. Winky then yelled out, “What, what’s the matter?” Blinky turned on the light that was next to her bed. Winky looked forward with his eye mask still on his face. Blinky yelled out, “My water broke, and the baby is coming!” Winky was crawling back into bed when Blinky’s words finally hit home. Off came the eye mask. Winky looked right at Blinky and said, “Did you say the baby is coming?” Blinky said, “YES!” with a growl in her voice as the waves of pain started to come through her body. Winky then said, “The baby’s room is not ready yet.” Blinky just looked at Winky and gave him the look! Winky then said, “Don’t panic Blinky, ok don’t panic! I have everything under control!” Winky jumped but not all of him made it out of his bed, his right foot caught the foot board sending him flying onto the floor near the closet doors. Winky jumped up and said, “Don’t worry Blinky, I have everything under control.” as he was waving his hands in front of him.
Winky grabbed two snowsuits and helped Blinky into hers then he put her snow boots on her feet. Winky then said, “Don’t panic Blinky ok don’t panic! “I have everything under control!” Then he got into his winter gear and helped Blinky to the snowmobile side car that was parked in the garage next to the house. Winky started the snowmobile up with the turn of a key. He was about to put the snowmobile into gear when Blinky yelled out, “STOP!!! THE GARAGE DOORS ARE STILL CLOSED!” Blinky was waving both her hands in front of her. Winky then said. “Oh Yes, I know they are Honey.” Winky climbed off of the snowmobile and opened the garage doors. Then headed back into the house and came out with two suit cases for Blinky. Winky put both suitcase on Blinky so she could carry them. Winky then jumped back on to the seat of the snowmobile and off they went to the hospital which was on the other side of Christmas town.
About half way to the hospital, the snowmobile started to act up and was losing power and finally stopped in front of the Santa Kennel. Winky was yelling at the snowmobile, “come on, come on, start come on!” He turned the key until the battery had died! A few more waves of pain went through Blinky. Winky opened the gas cap and the gas tank was empty. Blinky yelled at Winky, “Go and get a sleigh, and GET CANYONS TEAM NOW!”
Dexter was in the dog kennels watching all of the Santa’s Malamutes, when there was someone banging on the front door. Dexter left the office and headed for the front door to see who it was banging and yelling at this hour of the morning. As Dexter opened the door to see his brother-in-law standing in front of him and his sister sitting in a side car hooked to a snowmobile. Dexter then asked, “Hey guys, what’s going on and what are you doing here?” Winky then asked, “Dexter, where is your snowmobile?” Dexter replied, “It’s at home. I walked to work tonight being such a nice night and all, you know.” Winky then asked, “Do you have any gasoline for the snowmobiles?” Dexter said, “Nope! Santa does not allow that stuff here, you know that Winky.” Blinky yelled at Winky and Dexter, “Go and get a sleigh, and GET CANYONS TEAM NOW and I mean NOW!”
Both Winky and Dexter ran into the building to get everything in order. It did not take the boys long to get the team ready. Winky helped Blinky out of the sidecar and into the sleigh and put the suitcases at the front and was about to grab the handles and step on the runners, when Blinky had another wave of pain, and she yelled, “Chocolate Chip Cookies!” Well, that is Canyon and his team mate’s favorite words and they took off and poor Winky he went flying backwards into the snow drift. Winky got up in a hurry and started to chase the sleigh as fast as he legs would take him. Canyon and his team mates were starting to gain speed as Winky had just about caught the back of the sleigh. He had both hands on the handles and was about to just about jumped onto the runners, when you guessed it. Blinky had another wave of pain and she yelled, “Chocolate Chip Cookies!” and the team of malamutes started to run faster and Winky was been dragged behind the sleigh and hanging on for reindeer elf life.
As the team of malamutes raced across Christmas town, poor Winky snow boots were making a trail behind the sleigh and they were heading for Santa and Mrs. Claus Castle. Then they team turned back towards the center of Christmas town. Canyon and his team mates started to slow down. This is when Winky need to pull himself up and get his feet onto the runners. He was just about to put his left foot onto the runners, when the team stopped all of a sudden. This sent Winky into the back of the sleigh and winded him. It took Winky a few seconds to catch his breath and he then climbed onto the back of the sleigh and he tied himself to the back of the sleigh, then called out, “Chocolate Chip Cookies!” The team of Malamutes started to run again, this time they were heading for the North Pole Hospital. As the team approached the Hospital, the sleigh hit a bump, this sent a wave of pain through Blinky and she cried out “Chocolate Chip Cookies!” And you guess it again. Canyon and his team mates started to run faster. this sent both Winky and Blinky’s heads back for a second.
Winky looked forward and there was the hospital right in front of them, so he applied the brake. He was pushing down on the wooden pedal, the wood snapped off of the sleigh and Winky looked back as the piece of the wooden brake tumbled in the snow behind them. Winky had only one option left to stop the sleigh and that was throw the parking brake which was a hook that was on a rope. When the sleigh was stopped, the driver would take this hook and put into the harden snow and push it in that would prevent the team from leaving. Winky yelled towards Blinky, “Blinky, what do we have to say to stop canyon and the team from running?” Blinky looked towards Winky and wondered, why would he ask a question like that? Then Blinky knew why Winky asked that question. Blinky looked back at Winky and said, “Please tell me that you two did not grab the sleigh that had an out of order sign in the front and did that brake pedal snap off?”
That sleigh that was to go out for repair on its brakes Blinking looked for the number on the side of the sleigh and it said, “Santa seven.” The front of the hospital was getting closer and closer. Blinky looked back at Winky reached down and grabbed the emergency brake and was about to throw it, but it was too late for him to throw it.
The glass doors to the front of the hospital opened up and the Canyon and his team drove the sleigh right through the front door and stopped at the front desk to where a nurse Anne Marie Tinsel was sitting at the desk doing some paper work. Canyon jumped up with his front paws and looked eye to eye with the nurse. Another wave of pain hit Blinky and she cried out, “Christmas Trees!” all of the Malamutes sat down in the front lobby of the hospital. Nurse Tinsel got out of her chair and ran towards the sleigh to see what was the matter with Blinky. Winky then cried out, “Nurse, I’m having a baby!” Both Blinky and Nurse Tinsel just looked at Winky then Winky said, “No Nurse, we are having a baby, my wife and I!” this put a smile on both Blinky and Nurse Tinsel faces.
Nurse Tinsel got up and ran back to her desk and pushes a red emergency button and headed back towards the sleigh, then before she got back to the sleigh, help was coming through the side door that leads to the emergency room. Two nursing orderlies picked up Blinky and put her onto a stretcher and took her back to the emergency. Winky was about to follow when Nurse Tinsel tapped Winky on the left shoulder and stopped him from following Blinky into the emergency. Winky’s head turns toward the nurse and she is pointing at Canyon, his team mates and the sleigh that was parked in the front lobby, they had to go! Winky then asked the nurse, “Can I use your phone?” Nurse Tinsel said, “Yes, after you park them outside in the sleigh parking zone!” She pointed with her arm straight out and her finger towards the front doors. Winky moved Canyon and his team out to the Sleigh parking zone and came back in to a waiting clip board with a lot of papers on it. Winky asked to use the phone again. He put the clipboard down on the desk. Nurse Tinsel pointed towards it and went back to her work. Winky picked up the receiver and started to dial the kennel. The line was busy. Winky put the receiver back in the cradle and Nurse Tinsel handed Winky a clipboard and a lot of papers to fill out for Blinky to be admitted.
Winky grabbed the telephone receiver one more time and dialed the kennel and got through to Dexter.
Dexter answered the phone and said, “Hello Kennel here how can I help you?” Winky then said, “Hello Dexter. Winky her I need you to go and get your snowmobile and bring it to the hospital and then come and get Santa’s Dog team and bring them back to the kennel.” Dexter then said, “Ok Winky, I’m on my way. I called in Lenny to help us just in case, Lenny just arrived so I’m on my way.” Winky said, “Thank-you.” and hung up the telephone receiver. Winky started on the paperwork that Nurse Tinsel gave him to do. As he was filling out the paperwork, he reached for his wallet to get Blinky’s elf health care number and he remembered his wallet was on the desk in his office at home. Winky then ran back towards the nurses desk to call Dexter at the kennel before he left, but it was too late, he had already left. Winky had fill out the rest of the forms and handed the clip board back to the nurse.
Dexter walked into the waiting room to find Winky holding three boxes of candy canes on his lap rocking back and forth getting ready to pass them out when his new child was born as all fathers did at the North Pole. Dexter just stood there for a moment and watched Winky rocking back and forth as if was waiting to see the principal in his outer office.
Dexter asked, “Winky any word yet?” Winky looked up at his brother-in law and words just would not come out of his mouth. He was still rocking back and forth. Dexter wanted to sit next to his brother in law, but he had to get Canyon and his team mates back to the kennel. Dexter handed Winky the keys to his snowmobile and said, “Winky, the tank is full of gas and I will be back in a bit.”
Winky just nodded his head up and down, then looked down at his lap at the candy canes once again.

The door to the maternity ward opened and a nurse came out carrying a bundle in a pink blanket. The nurse looked around the waiting room. Winky jumped up and ran over to see the new arrival and the head was showing. Winky asked, “Nurse is this my baby girl?” Then Winky looked down to see a baby reindeer in the blanket. Winky was about to faint, when the nurse said, “Your wife is still in labor sir, this little one belongs to Dashers family, right daddy?” Dasher looked up and hurried over to the nurse then looked down at his new daughter. Dasher then handed all the fathers in the waiting room a candy cane. Dasher then followed the nurse out of the waiting room. The clock on the wall was moving slowly in Winky mind and that a nurse would come out with a new member of the North pole family. Santa and Mrs Claus came into the waiting room to see how Blinky was doing and to see how Winky was holding up. Mrs. Claus sat down next to Winky and asked, “Winky, how are you doing? And any word on how Blinky is doing?” Santa went over to the hot chocolate machine and Santa was going to buy three cups of Hot Chocolate for everyone as the machine drop the last cup and start to make the Hot Chocolate, nurse Tinsel came in to the waiting room in her arm was a blue blanket with a red Santa hat on his head. Nurse Tinsel was waiting at the door and called Winky over and Nurse Tinsel said, “Winky come and meet your new son.” The look on Winkys face was priceless. Santa started to laugh, “ HO, HO, HO!” And Mrs. Claus had a smile on her face and her head was cocked to the left just a bit and she said, “Congratulations Winky on the birth of your son.” Santa put down the hot chocolate and walked over to Winky and shock his hand also said, “Congratulations Winky, it looks like its time to break open a box of Candy Canes! Winky put the three boxes down on the chair that he was sitting on and opened one and gave Santa and Mrs Claus each one and he gave one to Nurse Tinsel.
Winky then asked, “Nurse Tinsel how is my wife doing and is the baby ok?” Nurse Tinsel replied,” everyone is doing just fine and thank-you for the Candy Cane.”

Santa’s White Christmas

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