Mrs. Claus catches Aunty Joe and Blinky in the Cookie factory.

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Mrs. Claus had just finished her last batch of cookies for the Santa’s Craft Extravaganza. She had just made Santa’s favorite cookie Chocolate chip for their trip to Steele Heights community league In Edmonton Alberta Canada.

As the cookies were cooling, Mrs. Claus heard the phone ringing in the back of the factory. She went to answer the phone. Aunty Joe and Blinky noticed the front door was missing from the cookie factory so our two elves went inside.

Santa had hung up the phone with Mrs. Claus as he was calling her  to let her know that he was  bringing the front door back to the cookie factory and he will  put it back in.

Mrs. Claus had a smile on her face knowing that her door was coming back. As she was leaving her office she spotted Aunty Joe and Blinky taking some cookies.  After Mrs. Claus had a talk with the two young elves they all left the kitchen. Mrs. Claus went out to see where Santa was with her door.  Santa was just coming around the corner of the factory building when he spotted Mrs. Claus.

Mrs. Claus then went to give Santa a hand with the door. As they both carried it into the building to their surprise you will never guess what happened next?