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Hello from the North Pole. Santa here. I have been sitting here in my den reading all the lovely letters from Steele heights community league in the City of Edmonton. I can’t find the time to sleep, as each letter warms my Christmas heart and the Christmas spirit is rejuvenated in me. Here is a letter from Ellie and she is asking how I am doing as well as Mrs. Claus.

Dear Santa: I would like to thank you for the pair of skates you gave me last year and a pair of ear rings for Mom and a tie and a shirt for Dad and for my sister a brand new pair of ballet slippers.
I can’t wait to tell you my Christmas wishes in our community hall once again
Thank you Santa

Here is another letter from Loretta
Dear Santa:
I would like to say hello again. I was telling my friends all about my visit to see you and Mrs. Claus last year.I was scared of you a little bit but i talked with Mrs. Claus and she told me a secret and to watch how your tummy goes up and down when you hear those magic words and I was not to say it to loud because you would get hungry
I plan to be a big girl when I come and see you and I will say those secret words in your ear one more time.
Merry Christmas Santa
Love Loretta

Here is one from little Jeff and his big brother Marcus and Little Sister Gwenna Oh those three.
Dear Santa:
We don’t want anything for Christmas this year, but can you please give our Dad a new hand saw as we accidentally broke his old one doing a magic trick.
thank for listening.
Soon to be your new elves.
Jeff , Marcus & Gwenna
I hope you will do something nice for others during this special season of giving.
Will you consider bringing a non-perishable food item with you to donate to the Edmonton Food Bank, as this could help others to have a special Christmas as well. Visit
Mrs. Claus and I on Nov.18/2017 at 11 Am to 4 pm at the Steel Heights Community League Hall on 5825-140 Ave. Northwest T5A-1G3 Edmonton Alberta (780) 475-3553.
Hey Moms and Dads at this time pictures will be available with Mrs. Claus and I, with one free picture with a valid community league membership, you can purchased up to four extra pictures as well.
Well I best get a move on as I have more cookies to sample.
Love Santa
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