Santa’s Birthday Gift Part Two

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Santa dropped his milk cup and what was left of his chocolate chip cookie. Everybody in the tracking centre stopped what they were doing and looked at the map to see the red dot disappear. At that moment, Santa remembered the time when some elves started a snowball fight and Mrs. Claus jumped in to help him with that fight. This put a slight smile on Santa’s face.  Jennifer grabbed the microphone and started to call Mrs. Claus’ sleigh; as she was calling, no answer came from Mrs. Claus. Jennifer hit a red emergency button that was located next to her computer screen; this called all the North Pole Search and Rescue ground and parachute teams on the North Pole. Jennifer did not know if Mrs. Claus’ radio was set on private or open microphone. It would not take long to find out. The mayday was also heard around the world and other search and rescue teams jumped into action from Canada, the United States and other countries, and the radio in the tracking centre was listening to these countries trying to help and locate the source and location of the mayday.

Santa then looked at Calvin and asked, “What happened, was it a snowstorm or a blizzard that brought the sleigh down?” Calvin said, “Mrs. Claus flew into a snowstorm with possible wind shear in it.” Santa turned his head to look at the world map in the location where the last known position of that red dot was. Santa looked at Jennifer in a lost way, with concern for his Mrs. C; he wanted her back, now! There were a few televisions in the tracking centre. Jennifer and the other elves heard from the world media that was now broadcasting breaking news from the North Pole: “Santa’s sled has gone down.” The world and the internet lit up, looking for more information. Santa asked, “Where did that sleigh go down?” Jennifer said, “Santa, Mrs. Claus went down near Little Cornwallis Island; she just flew over Polaris. Mrs. Claus was on your final track before heading home.” On the television, the announcer said, “The world has sent in a joint task force to find Santa.” Santa picked up the phone on Jennifer desk’s to call Kelly at the reindeer barn. Santa said, “Kelly, get the team ready to go and have the two N/P SaR teams ready to go with me. I want the long rescue sleigh, and have it ready for take off when I arrive!”


It did not take Santa long to leave the tracking centre. He hopped on his snowmobile and Calvin jumped on the back because his office was right next door to the reindeer barn. Santa turned the key on the snowmobile and it started up right away. Santa sat down, opened the throttle wide, and at that moment, a rooster tail of snow came out of the back of snowmobile track as he flew toward the reindeer barn. Calvin was hanging onto Santa’s belt and almost flying off the back of the snowmobile. What would normally have taken a ten minute snowmobile ride only took five minutes to get to the barn because Santa drove so fast. Santa turned off the snowmobile and Calvin jumped off and started running for his office; he knew that Santa was going to need the latest weather reports for that region of the world. Santa went running into the barn and everything was all ready to go that he had asked for. Santa even had an extra set of ears to help. Canyon was sitting in the front seat of the sleigh; he wanted to help find Mrs. Claus by looking and listening for her.

The rescue sleigh had two rescue transport baskets, a dome cover to protect the patient, and medical supplies in it. Four more rescue sleighs had already departed with the ground teams to do a ground search. Calvin came running out of his office, heading towards the reindeer barn with the fresh printout of the weather forecast for Little Cornwallis Island and the surrounding areas.

The N/P SaR teams were ready to go. Santa took the reins and yelled out, “Light the way, Rudolph! On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer, on Vixen, on Comet, on Cupid, on Donner and Blitzen.”

The reindeer knew there was something wrong and they could tell by the way Santa handled the reins; he had never done a double snap on them before. Canyon was sitting next to Santa and he was not singing his favourite song — it was if he knew that someone was in trouble and he was going to do his best to help Santa. The reindeer were pulling as hard and as fast as they could; Santa did a double snap on his reins once again. Back in the tracking centre, Jennifer was watching the red and green dot on the world map that’s showed where Santa was. It also showed aircraft from all countries that were approaching the North Pole. They had a link to NORAD tracking. On one of the televisions, a small picture of a Hercules aircraft and another picture of a reporter that was on board, searched for the downed aircraft. The reporter said, “Hello, this is Steve Casey reporting from the Canadian Forces Hercules aircraft, from Cold Lake, Alberta. We are flying to a reported mayday coming from an area near the North Pole; we also have learned that other countries have joined in the search for the downed pilot of that aircraft.”


Jennifer called Santa on the radio to let him know that that area of the world was going to be very crowded very, very soon. Jennifer pressed the key on the microphone and said, “Santa Sleigh, Santa Sleigh, this is the North Pole tracking centre, come back.” There was a pause, and then Santa replied, “Santa Sleigh, go ahead, tracking centre.” Jennifer replied, “Sir, you are going to have a lot of company very soon from all points on the compass. Copy, Santa Sleigh?” There was another pause, then Santa replied, “Okay, tracking centre, what type of company are we looking out for?” Jennifer replied, “You have some fast movers, fighters jets, you have some transports, Hercules transports types, and helicopters, all heading in your direction and destination. Do you copy, Santa Sleigh?” Santa said, “We copy, tracking centre, and thank you.”

“This is Steve Casey reporting from the Canadian Forces Hercules aircraft, from Cold Lake Alberta, Canada.

“This just in from the North Pole.

********************Press Release North Pole************************

From: Aunty Joe’s Christmas Newsroom

To: The World Press

We would like to report to one and all that one of our sleighs has gone down in a snowstorm, the pilot, Wally the Elf, and one passenger, Mrs. K. Claus, and two reindeer are missing. We will bring you updates as they become available.”

Jennifer and the other elves in the tracking centre could hear Santa’s voice and the intensity in it, as well and the jingle bells ringing from the reindeer harnesses were heard sharp and clear in the background. Jennifer noticed a second long sled leaving the North Pole on the global world map. This one was a backup team to help search for Mrs. Claus.

Jennifer ordered more computers and elves to keep an eye on the internet. The elves were bringing the new computers to life, the elf operators checking all forms of media for updates, just in case a country found Mrs. Claus, Wally and their two pullers, Penny and Taz. The snowstorm had gone and the sun was still down, but the sunbeams were starting to rise over the horizon, cutting the black curtain of the night, and the stars were fading as the earth was waking up, the cold, blue arctic sky in the land of ice and snow of the north.

Wally woke up first at the crash site. He was seeing double for a few seconds; once it started to clear up, he started to look around for Mrs. Claus, Penny and Taz and to see what was left of Santa Sleigh 2. But he had to find Mrs. Claus first. Wally started to call for her and Penny and Taz. Wally forced himself to stand up and started to walk in a circle, calling out for Mrs. Claus. Wally could feel his eyelids getting heavy and darkness was creeping from the sides of his eyes into the middle Wally passed out again. Falling, he hit his head on the wind-blown snow that was hard as cement. Wally’s head bounced twice.

Back at the tracking centre, Calvin came rushing in with the latest weather report for Little Cornwallis Island and surrounding areas. He gave the report to Jennifer so she could pass it on to Santa and the rest of the N/P SaR teams that were out looking for Mrs. Claus, Wally, and Penny and Taz. Jennifer quickly read the report and looked over at Calvin. She shook her head in disbelief at what was coming toward the crash site. Jennifer grabbed for the microphone that was on her desk. She pressed down on the button to transmit, and read the report to Santa, as well as the rest of the N/P SaR teams: “To Santa Sleigh and all rescue teams. Here is the latest weather report for your region. We are expecting a clearing to come through from Siberia and the temperatures will drop to -60 or colder with a high wind chill. I say again, we have a cold front coming from Siberia that will clear the area up, but the temperatures will drop to -60 or colder with a high wind chill.” Jennifer released the transmit button on her microphone. She sat back in her chair, wondering what else was going to happen. Santa was now over Little Cornwallis Island, heading for Polaris. The world’s rescue teams were not far behind Santa’s sleigh. All the North Pole rescue teams were already on Little Cornwallis Island. The N/P SaR ground teams were searching in a pattern like a wagon wheel. There was a group that landed in the middle of the island and the rest were coming in from the sea towards the middle. Penny and Taz were up and free from the sleigh. They started to look for Mrs. Claus and Wally; it did not take the two reindeer long to find them both. Penny lay down next to Mrs. Claus, and Taz lay down next to Wally. Taz started to lick the side of Wally’s face, trying to wake him up, and Penny did the same thing to Mrs. Claus.





Wally’s hand started to move very slowly, then he tried to roll as the darkness in his eyes started to get lighter; he was hearing a licking sound and feeling a tongue. As the fog was lifting from his brain and the headache was filling in very quickly, Wally’s eyes started to focus. He recognized Taz. Wally then said, “Good boy.” Wally sat up very slowly. He tried to stand up, but his legs were not there yet. Wally knew he had to get up and find Mrs. C and Penny.

Taz let out a reindeer cry and Penny responded back with the same cry. Wally looked for the sound of that cry to see Penny lying on the ground. Wally stumbled toward her to see Mrs. Claus being warmed by Penny. Wally called Taz over to lie on the other side of Mrs. Claus. As Taz approached Mrs. Claus, Wally went down on one knee to check Mrs. Claus’ left wrist for a pulse. Wally was starting to sweat again as he looked for Mrs. Claus’ pulse. It took a couple of seconds, but he found a pulse. Wally now had to find Santa Sleigh 2, because it had a first aid kit and tools in it, which Wally could use to build a shelter around Mrs. Claus and the two reindeer, and then wait for help to come.

The sky was starting to get brighter and brighter as the sun was rising from the east. Wally was looking for the black antenna that was on the back of the sleigh. Suddenly, two F-18 Jets came out of nowhere, One piloted by Captain Braxton Christmas Call Sign (December 25) and his wingman Lieut. Drayden Cane Call sign (Candy Cane), flying low overhead of the crash site. Wally hit the snow once again.

Capt. Christmas pressed the key transmit button and said, “Capt. Christmas of the world task force, we have one survivor at the crash scene.” Then Captain Christmas gave the coordinates to the crash site. Lieut. Cane was on the radio to report, “We have one more survivor being kept warm by what looks to be two tiny reindeer and someone dressed in red lying on the snow.” At that moment, Jennifer called the North Pole Rescue Team and Santa to give them the good news, and they could get to the crash site before the world task force got there. Jennifer released the key to the microphone; there was cheering to be heard in Christmas Town. The only one who was not cheering was Santa. He wanted Mrs. Claus, Wally, Penny and Taz in his sled, now. Santa checked to see how far he was from the crash site. He was only ten minutes away. Santa grabbed the microphone and pressed the key button in to call the tracking centre to find out where everyone was. Santa said, “Santa Sleigh to tracking centre.” There was a pause.



Jennifer replied, “Tracking centre to last station calling in. Repeat, please” Santa called once again. Jennifer said, “Go ahead, Santa Sleigh.” Santa replied, “Can you give me the location of the world task force?” There was a pause for two seconds before Jennifer replied, and the news was not good! Jennifer said, “Santa, you are ten minutes away, our N/P SaR ground team are seven minutes away, and the world task force is approximately eight minutes away.” There was no answer from Santa. He then cried out, “Rudolph! Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen! We need to get to Mrs. Claus in a hurry, she needs our help! Rudolph, on Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer, on Vixen, on Comet, on Cupid, on Donner and Blitzen!” Santa snapped the reins one more time, and his reindeer took off, sending everyone back into their seats.

Jennifer happened to look at the world map at that moment to see a jump in speed to Santa Sleigh.

Canyon started to sing at the top of his lungs as the sleigh was over Mrs. Claus. Canyon saw her first from the air. Everyone in the sleigh started to look down, and Santa saw his Mrs. Claus, Penny and Taz, but did not see Wally or the other sled, and those had to be found because the radio would lead the world back to Christmas Town.

The two N/P SaR teams did a low-level jump out of the sleigh. Their bright orange parachutes opened. At that moment, Mrs. Claus opened her eyes and saw the bright orange parachutes floating down to the ground. She then closed her eyes once again. Both teams were dressed in bright orange jumpsuits, as well as their gear that was strapped to their bodies. Once both teams landed on the ground, they headed to get to Mrs. Claus, Wally and the reindeer. Santa turned the sleigh around on final approach to make a landing as close as he could to Mrs. Claus.

Canyon saw Wally lying on the snow and started to sing once again. Santa got the sleigh stopped; Canyon jumped out and headed toward Wally.

Wally was sitting on his knees when Santa pulled the sleigh right next to where Mrs. Claus was lying on the snow. The N/P SaR were working on her to get her ready for transport back to the North Pole. The N/P SaR ground team had also arrived. At that moment, two members got a hold of Wally and placed him in the basket and carried him back towards Santa Sleigh.

They put Wally in the back, and Canyon jumped in to sit at the foot of the basket to keep him warm. At that moment, the other sled from the North Pole arrived on scene and loaded the two reindeer into the back. Meanwhile, flying overhead were the two fighter jets from the world task force, watching the rescue taking place, and Lieut. Cane took out his cell phone to take some pictures. The second sled now took off with both reindeer comfortable in the back and one paramedic with them.

Santa asked if it was okay to move Mrs. Claus now. The paramedic that was working on Mrs. Claus said, “Yes, we can move her now.” Santa reached under Mrs. Claus to roll her so they could put her in a basket to carry her back to the sled. Santa looked at the N/P SaR ground team and gave him instructions to find that other sleigh, take the radio and the antenna out, and return it to the North Pole.

The leader of the N/P SaR ground teams said, “Not to worry, Santa, we will find that radio.” Santa then shook the team leader’s hand and asked, “Is everything in order for you and your teams to come back to the North Pole?” The team leader said, “Yes, Santa. Once we do our job here, we will find our way back home.”

Holly Jolly was just entering in the tracking centre with her fresh poinsettia that she always dropped off with some fresh flowers once a week. Holly Jolly happened to look up at the map on the wall, then looked over at Jennifer and asked, “Jennifer, what do all of those dots mean that are approaching Santa Sleigh?” Jennifer looked up at the map and realized that the world task force was still en route to the crash site, and they would be on top of Santa in a matter of moments.

Jennifer grabbed the microphone, pressed the microphone key down and said, “Santa Sleigh, Santa Sleigh. I repeat, Santa Sleigh, respond.” Jennifer then released the microphone key. She pressed the microphone key down once again, and repeated, “Santa Sleigh, Santa Sleigh, please respond.” Santa picked up the mic and responded to Jennifer’s call: “Go ahead, tracking centre.” Jennifer pressed down the microphone key once again then said, “Santa, you need to know that the world task force will be on you in one minute. You need to depart from there, now!” Santa looked up into the sky, as he could hear the sound of airplanes and helicopter motors in the distance, coming in. Santa then looked to see that everything was all taken care of. He climbed into his sleigh to see Mrs. Claus and Wally were loaded into the back of the sleigh and their rescue baskets were strapped down.

Santa took his reins in hand and said, “Light the way, Rudolph. On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer, on Vixen, on Comet, on Cupid, on Donner and Blitzen.” Within a moment, Santa Sleigh was back in the air.

Capt. Christmas and Lieut. Cane decided to follow the sleigh, but that plan changed in a hurry when both pilots looked down at their fuel status; they had to break off the chase and head back to their base for fuel. As Santa Sleigh was heading back to the North Pole, Santa kept looking into the back of the long sleigh at Mrs. Claus, as the paramedic was checking her pulse. Santa did a double snap on the reins once again. The paramedic touched Santa on the shoulder and said, “Santa, she will be all right. She is going to have a very bad headache when she wakes up.”

Wally started to move around in the long sleigh when he noticed his wife checking his pulse. He knew he was going to be okay and fell back asleep. The second paramedic went back to work on Mrs. Claus, when her eyes barely opened and whispers came from her mouth. The paramedic bent over to hear what Mrs. Claus had to say: “Santa is coming, Wally, Santa is.” Mrs. Claus fell back to sleep. As the sleigh approached the North Pole landing field, everyone from Christmas Town was there and two ambulances were waiting to transport Mrs. Claus and Wally to the hospital.

“This is Steve Casey reporting from the Canadian Forces Base in Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada.

This just in from the North Pole.

      ************Press Release North Pole************************

From: Aunty Joe’s Christmas Newsroom

To: The World Press

With a blink of eye, the N/P SaR teams and the ground and parachutes teams had Mrs. Claus and Wally the elf on board our N/P SaR rescue sleighs. They are now back at the North Pole and both of our travellers are in the North Pole Hospital, recovering fine.Mrs. Claus and Santa would like to thank the world for the concern it showed in helping us find our Mrs. Claus, Wally the elf, our two reindeer and our missing sled. Mrs. Claus would like to thank all the children for sending her all the nice ‘get well soon’ letters.

Mrs Claus and Santa will see everyone on December 24.


Santa and Mrs. Claus

“This is Steve Casey signing off from C.F.B. Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada.”