He Is The Real Santa Claus

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As I was sitting in my chair seeing all of the bright and shining faces, there was this little girl that was standing next to her parents and she kept looking at me as I was looking back at her. Well it was her turn to come and see me and Mrs Claus talked to her for a moment then brought her up. As she stood in front of me she was still looking at my beard to see if I had straps under my hat that was holding my beard up.

Well the little girl then looked at Mrs. Claus then asked,” is that real.?”Both Mrs Claus and I started to smile and Mrs. Claus said,” why don’t we both give it a very little tug.”  

Well Mrs Claus told the little girl on the count of three we will both give it little tug. I said, “Hey wait a minute don’t I have any thing to say about this?” They both said” No!” in sync.

Mrs. Claus started the count down and on two. I closed my eyes and when they got to three Mrs. Claus gave a little tug and the little girl gave a great BIG tug.

And the next thing I knew she was running towards her parents yelling, “he is the real Santa Mom and Dad. He is the real Santa.” As the three of them were leaving the little girl was still telling her parents that my beard is real and I’m the real Santa.

With a tear in my eye I waved at the little girl and Mrs. Claus was off to bring another little one to see me.