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Message From The Edmonton Festival of Trees

With advanced CT Imaging,

a few minutes can make all the difference

Doctors need imaging to make decisions.

Big decisions that can save your life, and make the difference between a loved one facing life with a devastating disability, or walking out of the hospital.

CT scans produce crystal clear, detailed images that give...Read More »

   The Christmas Cookie


Santa was on his way back to the North Pole from a long flight around the world, when suddenly, he heard a noise coming from the back of his sleigh. Santa then looked over at his elf helper Winkey. Once in awhile a position on his sleigh opens for elves...Read More »

Christmas that almost never was.


As Grandpa and I were out back getting ready to haul in some birch firewood, I can remember, the air was crisp and cold; the smell of smoke coming from the chimney filled the air. I then asked my Grandpa, “Grandpa, do you have any Christmas stories...Read More »

Santa’s Birthday Gift Part Two

Santa dropped his milk cup and what was left of his chocolate chip cookie. Everybody in the tracking center stopped what they were doing and looked at the map to see the red dot had just disappeared. At that moment, Santa remembered the time when some elves started a snow...Read More »

Santa’s Birthday Gift Part One


Mrs. Claus was walking towards her office door with a cup of milk in her hand. She put the key into the lock to her office. She then walked into her office. Every elf could set their watches by Mrs. Claus. She always entered her office at 8:45 AM exactly....Read More »

The Christmas Clock

It was the last day of school and I was watching the clock from my desk. I could smell homemade dinner buns, bread, cakes, pies, cookies and squares, coming from our kitchen in my mind.

I could see my Dad and my little brother bringing in the Christmas tree. The clock...Read More »

A haircut for Santa

One morning while Mrs. Claus and Santa were sitting...Read More »

May I have this dance Mrs. Claus?


As the residents of Christmas town were going about their business,  Christmas music is being played  in the  streets of the North Pole. Santa and Mrs Claus were out taking their daily walk arm in arm . It was a nice clear day over the North Pole and they were...Read More »

Thanks for your kind invitation



With the sound of each snap of the reins, jingles bells can be heard around the world as my sled and reindeer brings me and my family safely to your community of Steele Heights in the city of Edmonton. From decking your community  hall,  we bring family’s,...Read More »

Letters to Santa



Hello from the North Pole. Santa here. I have been sitting here in my den reading all the lovely letters from Steele heights community league in the City of Edmonton. I can’t find the time to sleep, as each letter warms my Christmas heart and the...Read More »

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