A haircut for Santa

One morning, while Mrs. Claus and Santa were sitting across from each other, Mrs. Claus was watching Santa eat his breakfast.  As he put another spoonful of cereal into his […]

As the residents of Christmas Town were going about their business, Christmas music was being played in the streets of the North Pole. Santa and Mrs. Claus were out taking their […]

Letters to Santa

    Hello from the North Pole. Santa here. I have been sitting here in my den reading all the lovely letters from Steele heights community league in the City […]

As I passed by your office door, I saw some elves come rushing in and out of your office, carrying boxes. I stopped and looked in and saw you in […]

  Hi, my name is Jingles . I’m one of Santa’s elves ,and I have a true story about Santa for you to read.  So grab a cold glass of […]

One day in late fall, Mrs. Claus and I were strolling arm-in-arm in your fair city, when we came upon a mother and her son looking in a department store […]

As I was sitting in my chair seeing all of the bright and shining faces, there was this little girl that was standing next to her parents and she kept […]